The Good Groove – Turntable & Vinyl News August 2014

Turntable & Vinyl News

Welcome to the August edition of The Good Groove!

In this edition we take a look at:

1) The best headphones for vinyl lovers

2) The amazing growth of LP sales worldwide

3) The man buying up the world’s albums


1) The best headphones for vinyl lovers

Hi-Fi World’s Paul Rigby recently reviewed headphones across a range of price points to identify the best choices for vinyl lovers, regardless of budget. We were happy to read that we sell many of them here in the shop!


The top-rated cans were Sennheiser’s legendary HD800′s. These have a recommended retail price of $1,699 (call us for our best price!). They really benefit from having a dedicated headphone amplifier too – and we’ve put together a special package of the HD800′s and Lehmann Audio’s Linear Headphone Amplifier that saves you $500.

Read the full article to see the other 7 LP-friendly headphones here >>

2) The amazing growth of LP sales worldwide

The growth in vinyl sales shows no signs of slowing down, and figures for the first half of 2014 show a stunning 38% increase over the previous year!

vinyl sales 2014

It’s up to you to do your bit now…go out and by some vinyl today! Here are the best record stores in Brisbane >>

3) The man buying up the world’s albums


A crazy and far-too-rich Brazilian man is buying up vinyl as fast as he can. The completely obsessed bus magnate has literally millions in his collection. Has he gone too far?

Read the full article on the New York Times website here >>


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