New SIM2 Mico 120 and Nero 3 Projectors

Italian projector maestros SIM2 have launched two new models that continue with their tradition of delivering superlative image quality, impeccable style and tremendous value-for-money.

The two new models are the Mico 120 and Nero 3. Both are LED-based systems delivering astonishing pictures with lifelike colours, deep contrast and razor sharpness.

SIM2 Mico 120

SIM2 Mico 120

Key features:

  • SIM2 SUPER PureLED™ Technology
  • 1,000lumens light output (the equivalent of 1,500 lumens of lamp-based projectors)
  • Contrast ratio up to 100,000:1 with DynamicBlack
  • Long-life, high efficiency LEDs: 30,000 hours or years of silent uncompromised 2D/3D viewing
  • Best colorimetry: digital cinema quality straight out of the box

The Mico 120 utilizes a 0.95” DarkChip DLP® chipset (the same used in commercial cinemas), Super PureLED, active 3D technologies and only the finest and carefully chosen selection of components.

SUPER PureLED technology is a true all-digital system, with a trio of LEDs (red, green and blue) acting as both light and color source for the DLP® chipset.

The Mico 120 projector produces clear, bright and vibrant images, delivering 1,000 lumens light output (the equivalent of 1,500 lumens of lamp-based projectors) and a full-on/Full-off contrast ratio of 100,000:1 with DynamicBlack™ technology.

The projector’s ability to render 3D images and a variety of more-consistent colour gamuts, over and above those used in home theatre, means that colour space specifications for a wide variety of applications can be fulfilled. Indeed, the M.120 can deliver an unbelievable 128% NTSC and HDTV (REC. 709) color standards, as well as:

• Adobe RGB, which is an extended color space used in critical viewing applications where exacting color reproduction is required. Such applications include: professional photography, graphics and printing, CAD/CAM labs.

• CINEMA color space that responds to the highly specialised needs of post-production houses.

The Mico 120 gives you a totally new experience in terms of picture quality with the bonus that you’re virtually free from lamp replacement. The typical life of the LED modules is estimated at around 30,000 hours.

The recommended retail price of the Mico 120 is $20,999. For more info, click here >>

SIM2 Nero 3

SIm2 Nero 3

Key features:

  • PureLED Technology
  • High performance 1-chip DLP 1080p projector
  • 1,400 lumens light output (the equivalent of 2,000 lumens of lamp-based projectors)
  • Horizontal and Vertical Lens Shift
  • Live Colors Calibration software
  • Contrast ratio up to 30,000:1 with DynamicBlack

The glass exterior suggests the future, its technology confirms it. NERO 3 is a lifestyle product designed for today’s lifestyle. LED is the source of illumination, 1-chip DLP the image technology. This combination ensures that images are bright, sharp and beautifully realistic.

With a specification list that reads: 1,400 lumens of light output (the equivalet of 2,000 lumens on lamp-based projectors), a 30,000:1 contrast ratio and a colour gamut 135% that of the NTSC TV standard, this is an impressive projector. Connecting your favourite video sources is simple; thanks to the wide choice of inputs that includes two HDMI 1.4 sockets.

Easily integrated into any interior design and delivering SIM2-quality picture performance, NERO 3 will enhance your home entertainment experience.

The recommended retail price of the Nero 3 is $15,999. For more info, click here >>

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