Brisbane’s best-sounding cinema?

Home theatre demo room

We recently upgraded the audio gear in our home theatre room to an Anthem-powered M&K Sound speaker system and the result is seriously kick-ass! This fully-calibrated room now delivers audio quality that would not be out of place in a Hollywood mastering studio (which is the native environment of M&K Sound in particular!)

Anthem Amplifiers & Processing

AVM 60 – Recommended Retail Price $4,999

11.2 channel A/V Pre-Amplifier/Processor with Dolby Atmos and Anthem Room Correction (ARC)

Anthem AVM 60


MCA 525 x 2 – Recommended Retail Price $5,499 each

5-channel power amplifier; 225 watts per channel continuous power into 8 ohms

Anthem MCA 525

Inside the MCA 525

MCA 225 – Recommended Retail Price $2,999

2-channel power amplifier; 225 watts per channel continuous power into 8 ohms

Anthem MCA 225 amplifier


M&K Sound Studio-Quality Speaker System

The star attraction in the theatre is the reference-quality M&K Sound speaker system, featuring:

S300 x 3 (RRP $4,999 each)

THX chose the S300 as their reference loudspeaker in their test facilities in California. Need we say more?

M&K Sound S300 Speakers


MP150 MKII x 4  ($2,399 each)

The wall-mount version of the legendary S150 as used by Dolby Labs, DTS, Lucasfilm, Universals Studios, Skywalker Sound…the list goes on

MK sound mp150 mkii


X12 Subwoofer x 2 ($4,999 each)

Described by many as THE subwoofer, it uses 2 x 12″ drivers in a push-pull configuration, with the equivalent surface area of an 18″ driver

M&K Sound X12 subwoofer



SIM2 Nero 3

The vision comes courtesy of a SIM2 Nero 3 projector lighting up a huge 150-inch Cinemascope perforated screen with digital blanking and a motorised anamorphic lens.

The Nero3 is a single-chip DLP LED projector outputting a massive 1400 lumens and with a contrast ratio up to 30,000:1.

We invite you to come in to experience this new theatre room for yourself – it will change how you think about home theatre!


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