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Any A/V system is only as good as its weakest link – that’s why it’s important to use quality gear throughout, including cables, stands and other items sometimes considered as afterthoughts. Living Sound + Vision has a wide range of accessories chosen for their performance and value – click on a link below to find out more.


Our new showroom in Brisbane has a wide range of headphones from leading brands like Sennheiser, AKG and Denon. A great pair of headphones can take you places you’ve never been before – why not visit us in our Fortitude Valley, Brisbane showroom to hear how impressive a pair of quality headphones sound?

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A/V Cables & Power Conditioning

It’s amazing what a difference good quality cables and power conditioners can make to your system. We carry a range of cables and power cleaners from quality brands like Van Den Hul, IsoTek, Kordz and Chord Cable Co. that will have your system sounding its absolute best.

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A/V Stands and Racks

A good quality hi fi or A/V rack doesn’t just look good, it can improve your A/V experience too. Find out how by visiting our showroom and seeing, and hearing, for yourself! We carry brands such as Quadraspire, Norstone and Buywood.

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