Denon – 100 Years of A/V Excellence

Denon is one of the most respected brands in the history of electronics. Their commitment to pure audio and video hasn’t wavered in 100 years and today Denon designs and engineers class leading receivers, amplifiers, CD/DVD/BD players and much more.

Denon AVR Receivers

Denon are perhaps most famous for their AVR series of receivers. The receiver is the heart of a good home theatre or audio system. Denon AVR receivers all offer discrete power amplification for all channels to ensure solid performance and are packed with cutting edge digital technology that delivers the best in audio and video playback.

The latest AVR-X range of receivers is the best yet, and the AVR-X4000 our pick of the range. Read more about the AVR-X4000 >>

Product Range

Denon’s product range includes receivers, amplifiers, CD / DVD / Blu-ray players, tuners, hi fi systems, turntables, headphones and a lot more. Find out more about Denon here.

Denon Reviews

As we add reviews to our News pages, we’ll link to them here.

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Living Sound + Vision. Brisbane’s Denon Specialist

Living Sound + Vision is the leading Denon Authorised Specialist Dealer in Brisbane. When you purchase your Denon equipment from us you have the peace of mind of knowing you’ve got quality service and support available when you need it. We’re Denon experts and we’ll help you get the most out of your Denon system.


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