Electrocompaniet AW-180 Power AmplifiersElectrocompaniet are a Norwegian manufacturer of high end audio equipment. For over 35 years they have produced some of the world’s finest amplifiers (including the legendary 600W x 2 ‘Nemo’ amplifier, the world’s most powerful Class A amplifier). Today their range includes amplifiers, pre-amps, source devices and loudspeakers.

Electrocompaniet Amplifiers

In 1973 a new type of distortion termed “Transient Intermodulation” was identified by Dr Matti Otala, setting in motion the research and engineering team at a small Norwegian audio company. They believed that the elimination of this distortion was the key to pure hi fi sound.

Two years later, the “2 Channel Audio Power Amplifier” was released by Electrocompaniet – this ground-breaking 25W x 2 amplifier was described by the American hi fi bible The Audio Critic as “The world’s best sounding amplifier”.

Electrocompaniet ECI-3 Integrated Amplifier

Today Electrocompaniet produce a range of pre-amplifiers, power amplifiers and integrated amplifiers that uphold that lofty claim. Their ‘Nemo’ amplifier is used as a reference in studios world-wide (including Abbey Road). The current range includes:

Power Amplifiers:

Nemo AW-600: Balanced reference amplifier, dual monoblocks, 600W RMS (8 ohms)

Nada AW-400: Balanced reference amplifier, dual monoblocks, 400W RMS (8 ohms)

AW-180: Balanced reference amplifier, dual monoblocks, 180W RMS bridgeable

AW-250R: Stereo power amplifier, bi-ampable, 2 x 250W RMS

Integrated Amplifiers:

ECI-5 MkII: Integrated Amplifier, 2 x 120W RMS

ECI-3: Integrated Amplifier, 2 x 75W RMS


EC-4.8: Reference Pre-amplifier, dual mono, balanced

EC-4.7: Pre-amplifier, balanced

ECP-1: MC / MM Phono Pre-amplifier


EMP-1M: Reference multi-format, multi-channel player, CD/SACD/DVD/DVD-A

EMP-1S: Reference multi-format, 2-channel player, CD/SACD

EMP-2: Multi-format, multi-channel player, Blu-ray, CD/SACD/DVD/DVD-A/Streaming

Electrocompaniet EMP-2

We have a range of Electrocompaniet products in our Brisbane showroom for you to hear for yourself – please call us on (07) 3552 7000 to arrange an audition.

We also stock Sonus Faber loudspeakers – an ideal match for Electrocompaniet’s amplifiers.

For more information on Electrocompaniet, visit their website here >>>



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