Geneva Sound Systems

Geneva Sound Systems, by Geneva Lab of Switzerland, are a range of beautifully designed and made hi-fi units for iPod, iPhone and other music sources.

The company virtually invented hi-fi for the iPod, and have won countless awards for their audio and design prowess.

Geneva Sound System Range

Geneva Sound System range

Geneva Sound Model XSGeneva Model XS DAB

The Model XS is the first truly portable iPod music system with tru hi fi sound.

With Bluetooth audio, FM Radio and an Alarm Clock, it’s everything you need in a compact package.

The Geneva Model XS is available in White, Black and Red at an RRP of $449.

Geneva Sound System Model S

Geneva Model S DAB

The Model S delivers stunning sound quality with twin class-D digital amplifiers for its two full-range 3″ drivers, each in their own enclosure.

It has an FM radio (plus DAB digital radio in the Model S DAB variant), digital clock with alarm and extensive iPod menu control.

The Geneva Model S is available in White, Black and Red at an RRP of $699.

Geneva Model M

The Model M houses two separate speakers within a single cabinet, each with a 1″ tweeter and 4″ woofer and driven by a four-channel class-D digital amplifier.

In addition to the iPod dock there is an FM and DAB+ radio and external input, and Bluetooth connectivity.

The Geneva Model M is available in White, Black and Walnut at an RRP of $999.

Geneva Sound System Model L

Geneva Model L

The Model L is the system that convinced audio critics to state that Geneva “lifts the iPod into the realms of hi fi status.”

With four speakers (two 1″ tweeters and two 5 1/4″ woofers), four channel digital amplification totalling 100W, slot-loading CD player and FM radio, it’s all the hi-fi you may ever need. Pictured here with optional floor stand.

The Geneva Model L is available in White, Black and Walnut at an RRP of $2,299.

Geneva Sound System Model XL

Geneva Model XL

The Model XL is a reference audio system, used in numerous studios worldwide and winning countless awards for its design and sound quality.

With six 100W digital amplifiers powering six speakers (including two 8″ subwoofers), it delivers a breathtaking audio experience.

Using patented technology it delivers true stereo sound from its left and right speaker enclosures.

The Geneva Model XL is available in White, Black and Walnut at an RRP of $3,499 ($3,599 for Walnut) and an optional floor stand (pictured) is available too.

Geneva Sound System Model XXL

Geneva Model XXL

The Model XXL is a complete home audio system and furniture piece in one.

It includes a 700W  digital amplifier, seven speakers (including a 12″ subwoofer), a slot-loading CD player, FM radio and an iPod/iPhone dock that also streams video to a television set.

There is also interior storage with space for your other A/V components.

The Geneva Model XXL is available in White or Black at an RRP of $5,499.

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