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NAD Electronics is a legendary hi fi brand. Since 1972 NAD have stood for simplicity and purity in sound, and today extend that into the visual domain with a superb range of home theatre equipment.

The NAD Masters Series takes the brand further into pure audio than ever before – if you are serious about audio, you must audition the NAD Masters Series!

NAD audio and home theatre equipment stands out from most other brands by the absence of frivolous bells and whistles. The clean designs are wrapped around serious electronics that are designed to deliver solid power with punch and agility.

NAD Audio

nad c338

NAD’s designs new products with three key elements in mind – performance, value and simplicity. NAD amplifiers and receivers deliver on this promise – with awesome power that is true to specification but with the ability to recreate every nuance of the music or movie soundtrack.

Home Theatre

NAD T777 V3

NAD home theatre receivers deliver all the impact of the biggest blockbusters thanks to their high current power output capabilities.

Many brands ‘wimp out’ when it comes to delivering thundering multi-channel surround sound.

Not NAD – their ‘full disclosure’ power output specifications are the real deal so what you see is what you hear – effortless power for high impact without any rough edges.

Masters Series


The Masters Series is NAD’s flagship range, representing absolute no-compromise engineering and design.

In each model, every individual component has been selected for its ultimate performance capabilities. The result is astonishing sound, winning this range countless awards and creating a few modern classics along the way.

If you are into serious home theatre or audiophile sound, please come in to hear what all the fuss is about. You will not be disappointed!

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D3020 Digital Amplifier

NAD D3020 hybrid digital amplifier

The original 3020 amplifier from the ’70s is the stuff of audio legend, sparking an interest in hi-fi among a wider market thanks to its stellar performance and affordable price point.

The D3020 amplifier (RRP $799) could do the same thing for the digital generation. Find out more about the NAD D3020 here >>

NAD Hybrid Digital Amplifiers

NAD C388

NAD have been doing amazing things with digital amplification, starting at the high-end with their Masters Series, and now filtering down into the rest of the range.

The new C338, C368 and C388 amplifiers are simply stunning, and are already picking up awards left-right & centre.

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