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[UPDATE - we no longer sell Rotel products. Please visit our Brands page to explore our other audio brands]

Rotel are one of Japan’s oldest hi-fi companies with a history going back over 50 years. As a brand they have consistently wowed us with their audio performance and value for money, and Rotel amplifiers in particular have always punched above their weight.

Today their product line-up stands out for all the above reasons, along with digital-era features like high quality Wolfson DACs to make the most of your digital music and Bluetooth connectivity for easy streaming from mobile devices.

We’re proud to be one of Brisbane’s leading Rotel dealers and have a huge range of Rotel amplifiers, receivers and source components on display.

Rotel Amplifiers & Receivers

Rotel amplifiers

Rotel amplifiers consistently amaze listeners for their value and outright performance, from entry level through to the high end.

Their amplifier range includes integrated stereo amplifiers and multi-channel, stereo and monoblock power amplifiers and custom installation amps of up to 12 channels.

Phono inputs are featured on most models, as are high quality Wolfson DACs for your digital music sources, control via the free Rotel app and many more connectivity and convenience features.

Here’s a small sample of the Rotel amplifier line-up (all models available in Silver or Black):

RA-10 amplifier

RA-10 Integrated Amplifier RRP $599

RA-11 Integrated Amplifier RRP $899

RA-11 Integrated Amplifier RRP $999

RA-1570 Integrated Amplifier

RA-1570 Integrated Amplifier RRP $2,399

RB-1581 Monoblock Amplifier

RB-1581 Monoblock Amplifier RRP $2,999

RSX-1562 Surround Receiver

RSX-1562 Surround Receiver RRP $2,999

Rotel RB-1552 MkII

Rotel RB-1552 MkII Stereo Power Amplifier RRP $1,599

Rotel RB-1582 MkII

Rotel RB-1582 MkII Stereo Power Amplifier RRP $2,499

Rotel RB-1590

Rotel RB-1590 Stereo Power Amplifier RRP $4,499

Visit the Rotel website to see the full range of Rotel amps and receivers

Source Components & Processors

Rotel Hi fi

Rotel have a complete line-up of source components including CD players, tuners (including DAB+ and internet radio capabilities), surround processors and digital-to-analogue converters.

Here are a few of their key models (all models available in Silver or Black):

Rotel RT12 tuner

RT-12 Tuner & Network Media Player RRP $999

RDD 1580 DAC

RDD 1580 DAC RRP $1,099

RCD 1570 CD player

RCD-1570 CD Player RRP $1,299

Visit the Rotel website to see the full range of Rotel source components and processors.

Come and hear for yourself!

We’re fully set up to demonstrate a huge range of Rotel products in our Brisbane showroom.


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