Sonos: The Wireless Hi Fi System

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If you love music, you’ll love Sonos. Sonos is a wireless music system that plays your music – or music streamed from the internet – wherever you want it. It’s simple, flexible and expandable, and works a treat with your iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone too!

The Wireless Hi Fi System

With Sonos you don’t have to worry about cabling up your home, it’s all done wirelessly. This also means you can expand the system whenever you want without restrictions, so you can fill your home with music.

It’s the perfect way to enjoy your music collection – and today’s endless selection of online music choices.

Sonos Brisbane

Sonos One

sonos one

Sonos One is like a Play:1, but with voice control capability using Amazon’s Alexa.

At $299 it’s the most future-proof Sonos yet, as voice control is big and only going to get bigger. Find out more here >

Sonos Play:1

Sonos Play1

Play:1 provides a more affordable entry point into the Sonos universe. At just $229 (previously $299), it packs a real punch in a tiny package, and it can be teamed up with the Sonos Sub or Playbar for big music and movie sound too.

Find out more about the Sonos Play:1 >>



Sonos Play:5

The Sonos Play:5 (RRP $749) is the best sounding, most fully-featured Sonos system ever.  Find out all about the Play:5 >

Sonos Beam

Sonos Beam

Sonos Beam is a compact soundbar that pumps out big sound for smaller living spaces.

Listen to your favourite music, TV, movies and more in rich, detailed sound. Easy voice control allows you to turn it up without taking your eyes off the action or your hands off the game controller. And at a compact 65cm, it won’t block the TV or overwhelm your space.

Best of all is the price – Sonos Beam is just $599!

Sonos Playbase


Playbase ($999) is a flat, discreet speaker system that sits under your TV, but cranks out a depth and volume of sound that belies its size.

Ten drivers – 6 mids, 3 tweeters and one woofer (connected to a clever s-tube to deliver deep bass) ensure perfect clarity across the full audio spectrum.

Find out more here >


Sonos Playbar

Sonos Playbar

The Sonos Playbar is a one-box solution for great streaming music as well as movies and TV as it sits under the television and delivers room-filling sound.

The RRP is just $999. Find out more about Sonos Playbar>>

Sonos SUB

Sonos Sub

A very popular add-on product from Sonos is the Sonos SUB – a funky wireless subwoofer that adds serious bottom end to Sonos amplified hi fi systems.

With twin digital amplifiers driving twin bass drivers, it goes down to 25 Hz effortlessly. RRP is $999.


Sonos Amp

Sonos Amp

Amp ($999) extends the Sonos experience to your existing speakers, in-wall and in-ceiling speakers and even outdoor speakers.

With 125 watts per channel, Amp delivers high fidelity sound with even the most demanding speakers.

Find out more about Sonos Amp >

Sonos Connect

Sonos Connect Amp

The Sonos Connect ($549) can be added to your existing system – just add the Connect as another source and you’re up and away! Find out more about Connect here >>

Sonos Home Theatre

Sonos home theatre

Sonos is flexible enough to give you numerous options for home theatre with full 5.1 surround sound. Our favourite option combines the Playbar with the Sonos SUB and two Play:1 speakers as rear channels – see this Sonos Home Theatre Solution here >>

Sonos Surround

Want the simplest possible solution? Add a Sonos Beam and two Play:1 speakers for just $1057!

Brisbane’s #1 Sonos dealer

Living Sound + Vision are the leading Sonos dealer in Brisbane, and for good reason. Our staff know the product inside out and can recommend a system to perfectly suit you – and your home! Come in to our shop to see and hear the Sonos range for yourself.

We have a full Sonos demonstration wall with all models available for audition – check it out below:

Sonos wall

For more information on Sonos music systems, visit their website here.

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