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We stock a huge range of HDMI cables, audio cables, speaker cables, power conditioners and more – visit our Brisbane showroom to see our huge range from quality brands like IsoTek, Kordz, Van Den Hul and Chord.

IsoTek BrisbaneIsoTek Power Conditioning

IsoTek is a British company specialising in A/V power optimisation products. IsoTek’s award-winning power cleaning systems, designed specifically for use with hi-fi and home theatre electronics, can dramatically improve your system’s performance.

Expect a quieter noise floor, more extended frequency range, better imaging with a more stable sound stage with no loss of timing or dynamics, a fact that has been proven by consistently positive reviews and awards over the last 15 years.

To get an idea of what good power conditioning can do for your system, read this IsoTek review from Tone Magazine >>

Visit the IsoTek page to learn more.


Kordz Cables

Kordz were established in 2003 with the goal of producing AV cables to fill the gap between low end ‘no-name’ brands and (often overpriced) high-end brands. In short, they wanted to offer high end performance at sensible prices. We think they’ve done just that! They produce an impressive range of HDMI cables, AV interconnects, speaker cables and installation cables that truly deliver performance and value.

Visit the Kordz website to find out more

Van Den Hul Cables

Van Den Hul are a Dutch company specialising in high end cables for audio and video systems. Since 1980 Van Den Hul cables have been regarded as one of the industry’s finest audiophile brands and they now also produce a range of high end HDMI cables.
Van Den Hul also produces a series of extremely high quality phono cartridges.

Visit the Van Den Hul website to find out more

Chord Cables

The Chord Company has been designing and manufacturing award winning cables for almost 25 years. Based in the UK, they have a range of high quality audio visual interconnects, speaker cables, installation cables and HDMI cables that consistently wins awards for outstanding performance and value.

Visit the Chord website to find out more

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