Customer Testimonials


Hi Josh,

Thank you for your help with choosing an AV Receiver and Speakers. Last night we enjoyed watching the final episodes of the latest Jack Irish series, listening to records and digital radio music. It all sounded great. I will continue to learn about the RX A780 and what else it can do.

Will recommend you and your store to friends and family if they are looking for a home theatre system, etc.


Andrew and Lisa

December 3, 2019

Hi Peter,

Just wanted to thank you for your help last Sunday with the sub and the cartridge. Very glad to have stumbled upon the shop, really happy. My setup is mind blowing now! See you on the next upgrade.

Cameron T,

August 16, 2019

Hi Peter,

Just wanted to thank you for for efforts in arranging the repair of my AMR DAC. It is back in the system and sounding lovely – certainly worth the cost of repair.

Currently, I’m enjoying kicking back with a beer and listening to some fine tunes. Thank you.


Ray D,

May 4, 2019

Hi Joel,

I just wanted to thank you again for your help recently when I was looking for a Rega Planar 2…. I will very happily recommend you to all my friends here in Brisbane.

Malcolm L,

July 16, 2018

Thanks Joel – system is sounding very nice with the IsoTek in place.

Ray D,

June 30, 2018

Hey Peter,

The speakers arrived today and I couldn’t be happier. They didn’t take too long to install and sound great. Thanks for your help and sending them so quickly.


Adam M,

June 4, 2018

Thanks to you and Pete for your great advice,

Kind regards

Russell L,

May 5, 2018

Thank you heaps for your professionalism Peter and Living Sound. I hooked it all up and I love everything about the Receiver and the little MusicCast speaker I got from you. I will definitely be coming back in the future for more MusicCast speakers and anything else I need. You guys are a cut above the rest.

Stephen C,

April 7, 2018

Hi Peter and team,

Received the monitor audio speakers promptly and in good condition. Would like to thank you all for your professional service. The speakers although in their early stages have exceeded my expectations. I will be adding the ceiling speakers in the near future.


Paul B,

April 13, 2018

Thank you so much- it sounds so amazing!

You guys are the best !!

I’ll be back :)

Pearl E,

March 31, 2018

I had been searching for a replacement belt for my Technics turntable. All the places I visited on the net required Paypal, which I don’t have.

I then had another search and Living Sound came up. I went on the website and was asked via the livechat what I required.

Damian invited me to bring the subplatter to the store so that I would be assured the correct belt was used.

This wasn’t ever going to be the biggest sale, but it didn’t stop the wonderful service I received and the price point was excellent. I am now listening to the Eagles live album.

Many many thanks,

Geoff C,

July 24, 2017

Dear Joel,

Thank you for your advice and guidance leading me to buy the Rega RP3. I have just connected it my NAD amp and preamp and it makes my DCM Time Windows come alive. I have not stopped smiling since I put an album on. Joel, you steered me to the right model, I am delighted. Thank you for your friendly and professional customer service, I will give you all my repeat business.

Bonne chance,

Stephen L,

May 8, 2017

We are in business! Thank you Joel and the team at Living Sound + Vision. Your service was top class and the sound is amazing!

Paula M,

January 2017

These guys helped me out with my ancient turntable today…nothing was too much trouble.

John H,

July 14, 2016

Hi Damian,

This is to say thank you, I am very impressed and extremely pleased with my NAD C326BEE which is definitely a better match for my 120w speakers… that’s exactly the kind of sound I was looking for over a wide variety of styles… beautiful.

Special thanks to Joel as well for his courteous and friendly service.


Vincent D,

February 12, 2016

Hi Peter,

Just to let you know my first thoughts about the new system I bought from you today…in a word: WOW! Some quick listening to my old CDs again this afternoon I really think they have never sounded better. The REL sub has definitely bolstered the low end beautifully just as I had hoped and the Krix mains are so musical despite being freshly unpacked.

Have yet to break the news about the budget to my better half but this system is so much better than I expected it will be worth copping whatever scorn may await me!

Thanks again for your time and educational info and especially to Joel for his generous offer to loan the demo speakers while the new ones were being manufactured – service like that is virtually extinct sadly while the Harvey Normans and JB HiFis dominate the industry.

Best Regards,

Paul A,

January 15, 2016

Very impressive service for an interstate customer! Quality products, delivered in a very timely manner, couldn’t recommend them more!

Gavin M,

October 14, 2015

The service provided by Living Sound and in particular Joel is second to none. Absolutely outstanding business to deal with. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my audio needs.

Nathan O,

April 24, 2015

Fantastic company, easy to liaise with. 5 star quality.

Tianna & John C,

August 31, 2015

Awesome place- great guys to deal with!!! Highly recommended. Thanks.

Tom J,

May 10, 2014

Very professional and great after sales service

Jenny M,

December 11, 2014

The only place in Brisbane to get all your sound and vision gear. Anything else is a compromise.

Simon T,

December 15, 2013

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