Philips Dynalite – Bringing Smart Homes to Life

Philips Dynalite make powerful and robust solutions for home automation, lighting control, energy management and much more. Originally designed for large scale commercial applications, the Dynalite system now includes many options for smart home control and has been designed to integrate seamlessly with most other brands and systems.

Home automation – the good life

With Philips Dynalite, your home can become a haven of relaxation and entertainment. The system can take care of lighting, security, whole-home audio, energy and water management, heating and cooling, access control and much, much more.

Imagine turning off all the lights with one button beside your bed, but having them come on softly in the night should you need to visit the bathroom – without you having to fumble for the switch. Or imagine setting the house to ‘welcome home’ mode – with lighting, air-con and your favourite music – all from your phone on the way home from work.

That’s what Philips Dynalite can do for you.

Saving energy and water with Philips Dynalite

Energy management and water management are two key areas where Philips Dynalite stands out. The system can control your lighting so it only comes on when needed – and turns off automatically if the room is left empty. Blinds can be automated to allow light in but keep heat out. Automated louvers allow ventilation for natural cooling and soil moisture sensors tell the irrigation system when watering is required.

It all happens automatically, so you’re saving electricity, gas and water without even having to think about it.

Contact Living Sound + Vision to find out more about Philips Dynalite, or drop in to our Brisbane showroom. For the latest Philips Dynalite product info please visit the website.


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