Home Automation – Make Your Home a Smart Home

Imagine leaving for work and locking down the house with the touch of a button. Or coming home after a long hard day to a home that welcomes you back with lights, music, cool air…

That’s a smart home.

Smart home automation is about using technology to make your lifestyle more enjoyable. Simple as that. At Living Sound we focus on your needs then design a system that will give you what you want and more, without complexity or fuss. After all, it’s not a smart home if it makes you do all the thinking.

Building or Renovating? Make it a smart home

If you’re building or renovating, it makes sense to incorporate home automation technology. Even at the most basic level, simply cabling the home with smart wiring to ensure that the home is future proofed will add real value to the home as you and any future owners are then able to enjoy the latest technology without restriction.

The way our entertainment is delivered is changing rapidly. Music, video and games are all now delivered over high speed broadband, and pretty soon the majority of our entertainment will be delivered online. A smart home is ready for that revolution!

Experience. Choice. Quality

While there are some ‘do-it-yourself’ home automation products out there, to get a smart home solution that truly enhances your lifestyle (rather than complicating it) takes experience. Living Sound has the experience to personalise a solution for you, with a huge range of quality brands to choose from so you can be assured you are getting the solution that is right for you.

Experienced Home Automation Specialists

We’re one of Brisbane’s most experienced smart home automation specialists, and have been creating inspiring smart home systems for customers in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and beyond since the smart home revolution began.

We not only understand the technology, but we understand how to design and install a system in partnership with architects, designers and builders – saving you time and money. The ideal time to install a home automation system is during building or renovating, but we have the experience to retrofit a solution that meets your needs no matter what your current situation.

Quality Home Automation Solutions

A home automation system is not like many other ‘traditional’ entertainment technologies – it is highly personalised and is usually programmed to fit your exact needs. This means you need a service provider that will listen to what you need (and what your family needs too!) and custom develop and program a solution that meets those needs precisely.

What’s more, you’ll want the peace of mind of knowing your service provider will always be there to help when you need it. We’ve been around for over 10 years, and we’ll be there for you when you need us!

Want to find out more about smart home automation? Contact Living Sound now or visit us at our showroom.





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