Bose Home Theatre & Audio Systems

Bose is one of the world’s most recognised audio brands and for good reason. Since 1964 Bose have focused on developing audio technology that breaks the rules and their legacy includes many famous speakers and systems that are still regarded as classics today.

Bose Speakers

Bose make a wide range of speakers to suit all applications – including high-impact home theatre speakers, audiophile stereo speakers, discreet units that virtually disappear in your room and rugged outdoor speakers.

Bose Home Theatre

Many people are put off the idea of home theatre by the thought of multiple components and speakers cluttering up the room. With Bose, everything is compact, stylish and discreet so you can have an amazing home theatre experience without your living space looking like a hi fi store.
Bose have a range of home theatre systems including clever 2.1 surround systems that give you the impression of truly enveloping surround sound without all the speakers. You can also buy Bose home theatre speaker systems that add on to your existing equipment as the perfect stylish surround sound upgrade.

Bose Audio Systems

Bose systems give you the flexibility to enjoy music and movies your way with multiple options available for movie and music lovers. Wireless systems allow for easy playback of music around the home and you can even wake up in style with the Bose Wave Radio – the world’s best sounding alarm clock!
To find out more about Bose, visit their website or drop in to our Brisbane store to discover how your home can come alive with music with a Bose audio system.


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