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Krix recently celebrated their 40th anniversary, and the company has come a very long way since its beginnings in Scott Krix’s garage back in 1974.

Today their range spans award-winning hi-fi and home theatre speakers through to professional cinema sound with a presence in over 60% of Australian cinemas.

Krix certified system designer

We’re proud to be an authorised Brisbane dealer for this successful Australian brand (now exporting to over 30 countries) and to be able to offer their truly sensational and unique speaker products to our customers.

We’re also a Krix Certified System Designer, having completed their specialised System Design course.

Below are the Krix speakers we’re currently demonstrating in our Brisbane showroom. To view the full Krix range visit their website >

 Krix Speakers

(All prices are for standard black wood grain finish – please call for availability of timber veneer finishes and pricing)

Equinox Mk3

Equinox Mk3

Developed to dispel the myth that small speakers cannot sound big, the Equinox delivers phenomenal sound for its size. The Equinox has no competition in this class.

With a 130mm bass driver and a 26mm ring tweeter with a central waveguide, the Equinox delivers clarity and depth of sound whether in hi-fi or home cinema applications.


Acoustix Mk2

Acoustix Mk2

The Acoustix brings a level of room placement flexibility not before seen in this type of Krix design. The dual front ports make this speaker the perfect choice for use in TV cabinets and custom joinery, eliminating the ‘boomy’ bass resulting when using rear ported speakers in this type of application.

They offer the power of a floorstanding speaker in a convenient and space-saving bookshelf size.


Phoenix Mk2

Phoenix Mk2

Tonal depth, imaging and balanced musicality are highlights of the Phoenix Mk2. Compared to the previous model, the woofer has a 50% larger magnet and 30% larger voice coil diameter, and the tweeter has been replaced by the same ring radiating tweeter used in Krix’s flagship model, the Neuphonix, for added vocal warmth and smooth, revealing upper treble.


Harmonix Mk2

Harmonix Mk2

Krix Harmonix deliver a deep, tight bass response and a dynamic and non-fatiguing vocal mid-band with lucid, detailed highs. The 25mm tweeter has extended frequency response up to 40kHz.


Neuphonix Mk2

Neuphonix Mk2

Krix Neuphonix have become an iconic speaker in the hi-fi industry. With their unique six driver arrangement, they are designed to produce an engaging, get up and move sound. The new Mk2 version are even more elegantly refined speakers due to a stronger and slightly more compact enclosure, new styling and better performance.


Esoterix Altum

Krix Esoterix Altum

The new Krix Esoterix Altum is a truly stunning and sonically surprising bookshelf speaker with a distinctive look. The large waveguide around the Scanspeak Revelator tweeter controls directivity to create a huge sound stage with precise imaging, while the bass response goes way deeper than you would expect from a speaker this size. Available in a range of finishes including custom finishes and optional matching speaker stands.


Atmospherix A20 in-ceiling speakers

Atmospherix A20

The Atmospherix A20 are designed to project sound toward your primary listening area. Dialogue will become more articulate, music will have better definition and surround effects will become more involving and realistic.

The ‘A20’ variant of this awarded speaker houses a 20 degree angled baffle, upgraded ring radiator tweeter and thin bezel magnetic grille.


More information on Krix

For any further information, or to arrange a demonstration, call us on (07) 3552 7000 or visit us in our Brisbane showroom.

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