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Sonus Faber loudspeakers are handcrafted in much the same manner as a fine musical instrument. The attention to detail in the exterior design and construction is as precise as with the technology on the inside. Tradition meets with technology and every speaker is a perfect representation of both. Above all, the sound is simply astonishing.

Tradition in design and manufacture

Italian walnut is hand selected according to its harmonic characteristics, fine leathers are treated in an age-old manner and even traditional varnish finishes are used to complete each cabinet. Each Sonus Faber speaker is a work of art in itself.

Sonus faber speakers being made


Sonus Faber technology is a blend of traditional and modern. They believe that a loudspeaker is much like a musical instrument – the construction and materials have a huge bearing on the sound quality. Much of their technology comes from traditional understanding of timber and of the lute-making history of their home town Cremona.

Of course without modern technology a loudspeaker is nothing so Sonus Faber employ the latest driver technology throughout their range, paired with precisely engineered crossovers to ensure a perfect blend of electronics and acoustics.

The Sonus Faber Range

The full range can be seen on the Sonus Faber website. Below are the Sonus Faber speakers we currently have on display in our Brisbane showroom:


Sonus Faber Venere

The Venere S ‘Signature’ is a fully hand-crafted loudspeaker that represents exceptional value for a product of its calibre.

We have a demonstration pair in the gorgeous walnut finish Sonus Faber does so well.

Recommended Retail Price – $8,499 (Black or White) or $9,299 (Timber)

Sonus Faber Venere 2

The range starts at $999 for the Venere Centre and $1,799 for the Venere 1.5


Sonus Faber Olympica

Sonus Faber created the Olympica line of speakers in homage to the famous Olympic Theatre in Vicenza. The speakers not only sound stupendous, as you might expect, but have been crafted to deliver visual and tactile enjoyment as well, with the use of materials such as Walnut timbers and fine grained leathers.

The Olympica III is the flagship of the range; a floor-standing 3-way loudspeaker with a normal retail price of $16,495. However we have one pair of Sonus Faber Olympica III loudspeakers for sale at just $13,495, a saving of $3000.

It is our store display pair in Graphite finish, in immaculate condition and with full manufacturer warranty.

The Olympica I is a stand-mount loudspeaker that echoes its bigger brothers in all respects except size.

For a limited time we can offer these with the floor stands free of charge – a saving of $1,795 over the recommended retail price.

The Olympica I’s are $7,495 / pair and are available in Walnut, Graphite and High Gloss Piano Black (add $500).


Amati Futura

Sonus Faber Amati Futura

These speakers look drop-dead gorgeous and they sound it too.

The level of detail they extract from quality recordings is stunning, presenting you with a new perspective on favourite tracks and rendering old classics very much new again.

Sonus Faber are renowned for both their traditional craftsmanship and their technical innovation. This loudspeaker has both in spades.

The finish has to be seen to be believed – they look every penny of their price tag, but in the technology department there are a raft of innovations in both the electronics as well as the acoustic department.

The recommended retail price for the Amati Futura is $40,000 per pair.


Il Cremonese

Sonus Faber Il Cremonese

With the Il Cremonese Sonus faber pays homage to the great master Antonio Stradivari, the luthier and artist who revolutionised traditional violin craftsmanship, and continued the work of Andrea Amati to create new concepts of form and finishing that are still appreciated today.

Il Cremonese is a tribute not only to the great violin maker, but also to one of Stradivari’s most famous violins, Il Cremonese, celebrating its 300th anniversary in 2015.

It’s a no-compromise high end loudspeaker, epitomising Sonus Faber’s philosophy of beautiful craftsmanship and leading edge technology marrying in a perfect whole.

Some key technical innovations include:

  • Stealth Reflex System – allowing for a reduction in the dimensions of the internal acoustic volume while providing distortion control, it uses two orthogonal ports: one on the back for the midwoofer, and the other on the base, facing the floor, for the woofers and infrawoofers
  • Zero Vibration Transmission system – used for decoupling the speaker’s cabinet from the floor and the rest of the listening environment, this is implemented in a revolutionary way inside the floor spikes. This new system continues to use new, modern elastomers, and guarantees a further simplification in the construction and aesthetic lightness
  • Upper and lower “Dampshelves” – two massive slabs of black brushed Avional, operating as mechanical energy dampers generated by Il Cremonese’s powerful drivers
  • “Staggered Low Frequencies Emission Technology” system – used for the first time since “the Sonus faber” project, it optimizes the performance of the integrated infrawoofers

Recommended Retail Price – $64,999

Learn about Sonus Faber’s history and full range here, or visit our showroom to audition these fine loudspeakers for yourself.


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