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EAT (European Audio Team) began in the late 1990′s as a specialist vacuum tube manufacturer and quickly developed a reputation as one of the best makers of high end audio valves on the planet.

While they still make valves, today they are better known for their range of turntables, with the massive Forte turntable leading the charge and the new C-Sharp bringing up the rear as their most affordable turntable yet.

EAT are based in Prague and manufacture in Europe using traditional hand-crafted techniques married with the finest materials and leading edge technology.

EAT Turntables


EAT C Major

A new entry level offering from E.A.T. that will satisfy seasoned music lovers who require a high-value-for-money turntable.

Compared to the C-Sharp (below) the differences are:

  • The C-Note tonearm on the C-Major is 9” in length instead of 10”
  • There is no separate speed control
  • The main chassis has a more compact footprint
  • The platter clamp is smaller
  • The platter is smaller

Shipped complete with fitted dust cover, and offered in a specially-priced package with the Ortofon Quintet Blue cartridge, the C-Major will extract the best from the vinyl LP.

See what’s inside the EAT C- Major (click to enlarge):

EAT C Major Turntable

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EAT C-Sharp

The C-Sharp is EAT’s latest turntable model.  The construction utilises carbon-fibre and thermoplastic elastomer offering incredible stiffness and setup flexibility.

Like other EAT platters, the C-Sharp platter is high mass and made of two bonded materials: machined alloy and vinyl (sourced from recycled LPs). This ensures speed stability, high energy transfer from the record and elimination of noise via the dual materials.

The tonearm is an entirely new design which combines the advantages of a Uni-Pivot with that of a Cardan design. The Uni-Pivot in the middle helps reduce bearing loading while the  Cardan bearing insures high stability and very low friction. Additionally, this design uses a special silicon-based grease to damp the tonearm reducing resonances by over 50%.

Motor control is done by way of an external speed control with Stop, 33-1/3 and 45 RPM settings. Speed control uses a microprocessor unit for great stability.

The recommended retail price of the C-Sharp is $3,999, and it is also available with a Ortofon Quintet MC Black cartridge for $4,999.


EAT E-Flat

EAT’s E-Flat is a forward-thinking turntable supplied with a revolutionary flat tonearm. Although flat arms have been seen in the past, none have been able to offer the rigidity necessary to deliver the stable performance expected of modern tonearms. Thanks to the continued evolution of carbon fibre, EAT has been able to create an arm with the practical and aesthetic benefits of a flat form, but without the weaknesses.

With no hollow tube to suffer the inevitable echo effects or ringing, greater stiffness, a new and superior hanging counterweight design with very high damping properties, the E-Flat tonearm’s performance is truly quiet and incredibly “fast.”

A unipivot bearing supports the E-Flat, its adjustable counterweight decoupled by energy- and vibration-absorbing Sorbothane. The E-Flat’s unipivot system is extremely precise and accurately balanced, thanks to components endowed with especially hard metal surfaces.

A belt-drive design, the E-Flat features two motors. The two motors do not run in parallel, but act like a virtual 24-pole motor. The belt encircles an inner sub-platter, which is fitted with inside bearing made out of bronze bushings. The main platter rests on an inverted bearing and a ceramic ball, with a Teflon lining on the underside of the main platter.

As with the larger Forte record decks, the diameter of the platter is oversized compared to those on most competitors’ turntables. 33cm was chosen because the moving mass is twice that of a standard 30cm platter. Forte fits a vinyl mat made of recycled LP records to create a surface with properties sympathetic to the LPs it supports. The platter is filled underneath with Sorbothane to stop resonance, while Sorbothane is also used to damp the bearing housing, tonearm base and magnetic feet. In addition to the isolation provided by the magnetic feet, the bearing assembly and platter aperture are suspended.

The E-Flat exhibits an ideal balance between mass-loading and thoughtful sub-chassis design.

The recommended retail price of the EAT E-Flat is $6,999 or $8,999 with the EAT Yosegi headshell and cartridge


EAT Forte-S

The Forte-S features a huge 36com, 15kg platter constructed of aluminium alloy designed to deliver total speed stability and elimination of resonances.

It uses an inverted bearing construction with a ceramic ball and Teflon plate. The pressure on the ceramic ball is reduced by two enormous neodymium magnets that hold the platter and take most of the load.

It has two AC motors aligned symmetrically on the right side of the platter. Operation of the motor is via 3 main keys: 33 1/3rpm, 45rpm and on/off.

The Forte-S is mass-loaded with huge magnetic feet, which act as a sub chassis. This allows for an impressively low and well-damped resonance frequency.

It is available in 2 options – high gloss piano black and high gloss Makassar (ebony wood).  Recommended retail prices are:

$8,999 in Piano Black with Project 12cc Evo Tonearm

$9,999 in Makassar with Project 12cc Evo Tonearm

$16,999 in Piano Black with E-Go Tonearm

$17,999 in Makassar with E-Go Tonearm


EAT Forte

The EAT Forte is a massive turntable in every sense of the word.

The 20kg platter has a diameter of 40cm vs the normal 30cm, this diameter means that with the same weight you gain more moving mass on the platter. The platter also incorporates sorbothane damping to make it resonance free.

The vinyl mat is made from recycled vinyl records creating a perfect interface for the record. A clamp holds the record on the vinyl mat.

The bearing is not standard but inverted with an oversized polished shaft. A ceramic ball is used on the top. This, in combination with a Teflon plate as a bearing mirror, is also a good damping device. Teflon’s accurate satin surface produces perfectly smooth movement without any rumble. The platter has a magnetic suspension using neodymium magnets. By increasing the distance from the bearing to the cartridge, the small neodymium magnets eliminate magnetic influence on the cartridge.

Due to the magnets we can still move a large mass allowing the bearing to see virtually no pressure. This avoids rumble. (A mass loaded platter usually causes high levels of rumble.) The pressure of the bearing is adjustable. There are existing different philosophies about bearing pressure. With the Forte turntable you can adjust it according your preferences and taste.

The table has large magnetic feet with a bearing and stabilisation system. It provides close to 100% isolation from the floor and from airborne resonances.

The motor is a stand-alone, decoupled AC unit. It uses a sophisticated electronic circuit to create 100% clean AC. It is very heavy motor with lot of mass to reduce all the existing vibrations. Motor energy is absorbed by using a sandwich system of metal and MDF. The dual motor design eliminates noise in the motor. By using two relatively weak, but silent running motors, we achieve perfect torque.

The EAT Forte is available in 2 options – high gloss piano black and high gloss Makassar (ebony wood).  Recommended retail prices are:

$12,999 in Piano Black with Project 12cc Evo Tonearm

$13,999 in Makassar with Project 12cc Evo Tonearm

$19,999 in Piano Black with E-Go Tonearm

$20,999 in Makassar with E-Go Tonearm

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EAT also make a range of tonearms, cartridges and a very good phono pre-amplifier. To learn more, contact us in our Brisbane showroom on (07) 3552 7000 or visit the EAT website >>

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