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Thorens in Brisbane

[Update - we no longer sell Thorens turntables. Please view our Turntables page for all our turntable brands]

Thorens are a Swiss turntable manufacturer with a history dating back to 1883. Their turntables have been highly regarded by music lovers for decades, and some classic turntable models from the 1950s and 1960s are much sought after by enthusiasts.

Today Thorens have a range of turntables that span from mid- to high-end, but each represents extraordinary value considering the level of performance they offer.

Come in to Living Sound + Vision’s Brisbane showroom to audition a Thorens turntable for yourself, or for more information, visit their website here.

Thorens TD-158

Thorens TD158 turntable

The Thorens TD 158 is fully-automatic turntable. The tonearm and cartridge have been pre-mounted and adjusted in the factory.

This is a very high quality entry-level turntable from one of the world’s oldest turntable makers, and is excellent value at $599.

Thorens TD-170-1

Thorens TD-170-1 Turntable

The fully automatic Thorens TD 170-1 comes equipped with three speeds so it can also play records at 78 rpm (the special stylus/cartridge required is available separately).

The recommended retail price for the TD170-1 is $799.

Thorens vinyl


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