Loewe – Premium German Televisions

Loewe will give your living environment new life with stylish design, stunning picture & sound and state of the art German engineering.

No other television matches the picture quality, sound quality, design and features of Loewe. This German brand has been an innovator in television technology and design since 1931 and today is the television of choice for discerning individuals worldwide.

Loewe Connect

Loewe Connect TV

The most connected TV there is. Record programs on its 1TB hard drive from anywhere using the Loewe app, stream to another device in your home, record one program while watching another…it’s a breeze with Connect.

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Loewe Art

Loewe Art Series television

The world’s fastest channel change. Twin tuners makes instant channel zapping a reality. Gorgeous design using aluminium finishing from Piesslinger, the world leaders in aluminium surface treatment. A work of art.

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Loewe Reference

Loewe Reference Dealer brisbane

Perfect picture, beautiful design, flawless finish. Loewe’s Reference is quite simply the world’s finest television.

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Why Loewe?

In an era when televisions have become a cut-price plastic commodity, Loewe stands out as a bastion of quality, style and craftmanship.

Made in Germany since 1926, Loewe is for people who appreciate the finer things. Every Loewe television delivers superb picture quality as you’d expect, but a key difference many of our customers remark on is the sound quality. With powerful amplification, high quality drivers and sealed acoustic chambers, they are the best sounding televisions, bar none.

Loewe televisions are designed for sustainability, with extremely low power consumption, upgradeable modules for longer life span, recyclable materials throughout and design for longevity rather than disposability.

More than just television

Loewe is more than a TV company, however. Today Loewe produces stylish integrated entertainment systems that seamlessly combine video, music and multimedia, distributed throughout the home for a complete lifestyle entertainment experience.

Loewe SoundVision

Loewe also have a complete range of audio systems, including their SoundVision, AirSpeaker and SoundBox models that provide high quality sound from modern, minimalist designed units that look the part in any stylish interior

To view the full Loewe range, click here.

Loewe Specials

We often have specials on Loewe in store – whether ex-demo models, over-stocked models or great manufacturer special offers. To find out what’s on special right now, visit our Specials page, or call us on (07) 3552 7000.

Living Sound + Vision. Brisbane’s Loewe Specialist

Living Sound + Vision is the leading Loewe specialist dealer in Brisbane. We provide high end personal service with attention to detail when it comes to installing and supporting your Loewe purchase, as you would expect with a premium brand like Loewe.

We are also the only Loewe dealer in Brisbane with access to the exclusive Loewe Reference series – in our opinion the finest television in the world today.

Find out more about Loewe at their website here, call us on (07) 3552 7000 or visit us at our Brisbane showroom.

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