Panasonic Plasma & LCD TV

As a specialist dealer we normally choose specialist brands that offer high performance and good value for customers who expect a little bit more. Panasonic Plasma and LCD TV products are a mainstream brand but they deliver fantastic performance – and at very competitive prices too, so we’re proud to be an authorised Panasonic Viera dealer.

Panasonic Plasma Televisions

Panasonic took on much of Pioneer’s technology when that company stopped making Plasma TVs. Pioneer were the acknowledged leaders in Plasma television and now that status belongs to Panasonic. Their standard range represents the best Plasma TVs on the market, but if you’re looking for the best picture available, bar none, have a look at the Panasonic Premiere Plasmas…

Panasonic Premiere Plasma

The best of Panasonic and Pioneer’s Plasma technology has gone into the Premiere series. In terms of ultimate picture quality, we believe these Plasma TVs are it.  Offering utterly deep black levels, the highest contrast ratio on the market and totally accurate colour reproduction, the Premiere Plasmas are simply jaw dropping.
There’s not much more we can say – come in to see for yourself! They’re very exclusive and we’re one of the few trained specialist dealers able to offer this special product.

Panasonic Viera LCD TV

Many people prefer LCD TV and we keep them happy with Panasonic’s excellent Viera LCD television range. The range includes LED / LCD models as well as 3D TV models. There are plenty to choose from and you’ll benefit from our specialist advice in selecting the perfect LCD TV to suit your room and lifestyle.

To see how good Panasonic’s Plasma and LCD TVs look, come in to our Brisbane showroom and see for yourself. For the latest Panasonic Viera Plasma and LCD products and news, visit the website.

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