The high-end amplifier bargain of the decade

Every once in a while a product stands out as an absolute steal, offering performance way above what the price tag suggests. The Audio Research VSi75 does exactly that, even if the price tag is just shy of five figures. The VSi75 has a recommended retail price of $9,995, but remarkably it sells for $12,999 in the USA and $7500 in the UK (that's about $15k and $14k respectively). What it delivers for the price, for the true hi-fi enthusiast, is something quite out of this world. Here's what Alan Sircom, Editor of The Absolute Sound, has to say about the VSi75: "Don’t let anyone know, but every fibre says this is Audio Research 'Reference' amplifier-grade sonic performance, but with £10,000-£15,000 lopped off the price." Read his full review here:

About the VSi75 Integrated Amplifier

A visually striking and sonically astonishing product, the VSi75 sets a new benchmark in the lifelike reproduction of music, It includes a new power transformer, designed around the KT120 output tubes, and incorporates some key parts from Audio Research's Reference 75 amplifier. The resulting sound is sublime, with tremendous resolution of detail, surprising weight and authority, and the ability to develop an immense sound stage. audio-research-vsi75 We have the VSi75 on demo in our Brisbane showroom so please come in for an audition to hear it for yourself.

Technical Specifications

Type: Valve-based, 2-channel integrated. Valve complement: 2-Matched pair KT120-Power Output; 2 -6H30 driver. Analogue inputs: Five single-ended line-level inputs (via RCA jacks). Analogue outputs: One tape output (via RCA jacks), four and eight ohm loudspeaker terminals. Power Output: 75Wpc @ 8 Ohms Frequency Response: (-3dB points at 1 watt) 1.0Hz to 70 kHz Bandwidth: (-3dB points) 12Hz to 70kHz Distortion: THD + 0.05% at 1W, 1kHzInput sensitivity: 0.55V RMS Single-ended for rated output. (32.5dB gain into 8 ohms.) Input impedance: 52.5K ohms Single-ended Output Regulation: Approximately 2dB 8 ohm load to open circuit (Damping factor approximately 4). Maximum Input: 10V RMS (any input). Overall Negative Feedback: 4dB. Dimensions (HxWxD): 235 x 368 x 413mm Weight: 16.5kg More information:  

CD5 CD Player

We also have the Audio Research CD5 in stock. The CD5 was designed for one purpose, to play back compact discs with a stunning level of resolution, dynamics and musical naturalness. It is a remarkable digital turntable for your compact discs, drawing you into the music and keeping your attention as you listen to one disc after another. Audio Research VSi75 The CD5 will play back normal "red book" music CDs, CD-R/RW discs, and hybrid SACDs, but it will not play back DVD-A, DVD-video or SACD-only discs. Why? Because Audio Research firmly believe that the compromises built into multi-format playback devices sacrifice sonic performance in the CD format. The CD5 has a recommended retail price of $7,995. Please come in to audition these stunning products - we expect you'll be as impressed as we are!