Loewe TV Specials


The falling Aussie dollar has bumped up the price of imported goods, and Loewe recently saw some pretty significant price increases as a result. But as it's Grand Final Weekend, we're offering the following models at pre-price increases prices - saving you up to $700! Prices are limited to in-store stock only, while stock lasts.

Loewe Art 40 UHD

Loewe Art 40 UHD The new Loewe Art's 4K Ultra High Definition display offers a resolution four times higher than a Full HD television. Add Loewe's proprietary up-scaling and Image + picture processing technology for Loewe's best ever picture quality with breathtaking clarity and detail, deep contrast and rich natural colours. The Art 40 UHD also features the world's fastest channel changing for lag-free couch surfing! How does it work? The TV sets have two receivers which process digital signals independently of each other. While one tuner is showing your current programme, the second is busy loading the next channel in the background. You simply switch to this image when you change channels. Finally, the Loewe Art has a sound quality to rival many home cinema systems - or even put them in the shade. Its sound system delivers up to 80 watts of music output, generating a sound pressure of up to 90 dB.

Loewe Art 55 UHD

Loewe Art 55 UHD   All the features of the Art 40 UHD above, with a massive 55" screen to deliver the full impact of its 4K Ultra HD resolution.

Loewe Connect 40 UHD

Loewe Connect 40 UHD   Loewe's Connect televisions are TVs for the future, today. The integrated Loewe DR+ hard disk recorder allows you to pause, record and stream television programmes at the touch of a button. Equipped with 1 TB of storage space, the Loewe Connect offers the full DR+ functionality:  a DR+ archive to store recordings in your own folder structure on the integrated hard disk or directly onto an external USB storage device. You can even record two programmes at once while watching a third! Stuck in traffic? Don't miss your favourite show. All you need is a smartphone. Simply open the Loewe Smart Assist app, type in the name of the programme on the overview page, press record ... and your Loewe Connect will take care of the rest. The Connect 40 does plenty more too - come in for a demonstration to find out!

Loewe Connect 48 UHD

Loewe Connect 48 UHD   All the features of the Connect 40 UHD, with a huge 48" screen to bring out the detail of its 4K Ultra HD resolution.