MK Sound 750 THX Package Deal

MK Sound MK 750 THX System For over 40 years, MK Sound monitors have delivered the highest levels of performance to studio professionals and discerning home listeners. Hundreds of top professional film, broadcast, music and post-production studios use MK Sound monitors daily for their audio production work. You can now join them for a lot less with this THX-rated 5.1 surround package at a saving of almost $2,300!

The MK Sound MK 750THX System

Enjoy reference-quality sound. The M&K Sound 750THX speaker was the very first product to receive the THX® Select™ certification. This package includes 3 x 750THX loudspeakers for Left, Centre and Right channels, 2 x SUR55T Tri-pole Rear Surround Speakers and 1 x V10 Subwoofer. Normal RRP is $6,296. We have only 2 packs at the very special price of $3,999 - save $2,297! Download the brochure > (note this brochure features an older subwoofer; our package includes the newer V10 sub) M&K Sound THX Select package

750THX Front & Centre Speakers

The 750 front speakers incorporate  MK Phase-Focused crossover design for ideal driver response and dispersion characteristics. Flat on-axis and off-axis response is achieved by careful analysis of the speaker’s response in both the time and frequency domains at various angles in both the vertical and horizontal planes. Dual mid-bass drivers double power handling and double efficiency compared to a single unit, resulting in a four-fold gain in terms of possible dynamic range. Even when extreme volume levels aren’t required, the enhanced dynamic range and efficiency of the 750THX system ensure reduced dynamic compression even at moderate to high listening levels.

SUR55T Tri-pole Rear Surround Speakers

This breakthrough design shares all of the technologies and is timbre matched to the rest of the 750THX system. Featuring two 3” paper mid-tweeters on each side of the speaker oriented in dipole fashion, the dipole configuration emits diffuse sound throughout the room. Combined with the front-mounted 1” soft-dome tweeter and 5.25” polypropylene mid-woofer direct radiating configuration (the same drivers as in the LCR-750 and Centre 750), the Tripole design provides even distribution of sound throughout the listening area with pinpoint accuracy and an enveloping soundfield,  allowing listeners to experience superior imaging and surround quality.

V10 Subwoofer

The M&K Sound V10 subwoofer is driven by a 250W Class D power amplifier with fully discrete analog input stage ideally integrated with the enclosure, crossover and woofer. It is built on a stamped steel basket and incorporates a pulp cone, custom NBR (Nitril Butyl Rubber Suspension) surround, fiberglass dust cap and a newly designed motor system featuring an aluminum voice coil former and undercut, extended pole piece. The 10" drive unit is capable of long, controlled excursion for extended deep bass with exceptional authority and precision. Download the V Series Subwoofer Brochure >

Be quick.

We have only 4 packs at this very special price of $3,999 - so if reference-quality home theatre sound is on your wish list this Christmas, call us now on (07) 3552 7000.