Paradigm Founder Speakers On Sale

Save 30% on our ex-demo Paradigm Founder 100f floorstanders and 40b bookshelf speakers! These are stunning flagship speakers from this Canadian brand.

Precision. Control. Dynamics.

These are the pillars the Founder Series was built on. Founder is no ordinary loudspeaker. Every component, large and small, was scrutinized down to the tiniest detail. Every component has been thoroughly researched, designed, and engineered, exclusively for Founder’s. New patented technologies were developed for the acoustic platform.

The new cabinet platform is not just a stunning design, its unique shape and integrated structural bracing delivers acoustic performance that cannot be matched by traditional square boxes. By leaving no element unaddressed, Founder’s is so much more than the sum of its parts.

Paradigm Founder 100f

Paradigm Founder 100f on sale

A five-driver, 3 way ported loudspeaker with bass extension down to 26hz. Learn more here.

Normally $8,999, ex-demo price $6,299. Please note these have a minor mark.

Call us on 07 3552 7000 or visit our store.

Paradigm Founder 40b

paradigm founder 40b

Compact two-way bookshelf speaker with sound bigger than its size. Learn more here.

Normally $3,899, ex-demo price $2,499

Call us on 07 3552 7000 or visit our store.