Rega + Ruark + REL = Perfection

Ruark and rega vinyl system We've put together this little system that is selling like hot cakes - the Rega Planar 1 Plus turntable; Ruark MR1 MkII active speakers and as an option, the REL T-Zero subwoofer. Why do they work so well together? Each product is a well thought-out, simple design that does its job to perfection. And it's a perfect match for today's music lover that mixes up streaming music with vinyl old and new. The Rega has a built-in phono pre-amp and connects directly to the Ruarks. The speakers also have Bluetooth aptX connectivity so are all set for streaming audio from your phone or tablet. And the mini-sized but maxi-sounding REL subwoofer fills out the sound for larger rooms. Perfect. The whole system is just $1,999 - a stylish & refined audio system that won't break the bank.

Rega Planar 1 Plus

Rega planar 1 plus With the Planar 1 Plus, Rega has built the pre-amp from its renowned Fono product into the turntable itself, making a complete and versatile turntable that connects to anything. The multi-award-winning Rega Planar 1 Plus is available in high gloss black or white and RRP is $699.
Rega delivers another winner – the Planar 1 Plus is the perfect marriage of convenience and sound quality. - What HiFi
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Ruark MR1 MkII Bluetooth Speaker System

Ruark MR1 Mk2 The tiny but huge sounding MR1 MkII's are a speaker for today's music lover. Forget about cables, big boxes and all the rest. They go almost anywhere and off just enough inputs to keep things simple but effective. Connect up the Rega to the aux inputs, stream via Bluetooth and you've still got an optical digital input for an extra source. bluetooth
The upgrades that Ruark has made to an already impressive Bluetooth speaker system have brought it damn near to perfection. Very classy indeed. - Best Desktop Speaker 2017, What Hi-Fi
The MR1 Mk II is available in Walnut veneer and soft grey/white and RRP is $699. Get full details and read MR1 MkII reviews here >  

REL T-Zero Subwoofer

REL t zero subwoofer black and white REL are one of the world's most respected subwoofer specialists. This model is their smallest, but it outperforms many much larger units from lesser companies. With a high-current 100W next-gen digital amplifier and 165mm long-throw driver, it's the perfect add-on to the system above to fill larger rooms with solid, balanced full-frequency sound.
This is The Little Sub That Could. The REL T-Zero V2 isn’t meant to be compared to the big guns, but in a way the small cones make them extremely fast, and that is a perfect foil for high performance audio systems. - HiFi +
The REL T-Zero is available in high gloss black or white and RRP is $699. REL TZero