Get two Sonos Ones for just $499!

sonos one deal We have a fantastic special on Sonos One - get two of these amazing wireless speakers for just $499. That's $99 off the RRP! Sonos One is like a Play:1, but with voice control capability using Amazon Alexa. It’s the most future-proof Sonos yet, as voice control is big and only going to get bigger. This special is available only while stocks last.

Sonos One + Amazon Alexa

Sonos One connects with Amazon Alexa easily over Wi-Fi. Just set up the speaker, select the Sonos skill in the Amazon Alexa app, and you’re all set to play music, get news and answers, manage your smart devices, and enjoy other Alexa skills using nothing but your voice to control it all.

Voice control for your music

Hands full? Can’t find your phone? No worries. Alexa responds to a wide range of voice commands like:
“Alexa, play Beastie Boys in the kitchen” “Alexa, turn it up.” “Alexa, next track."
There's plenty more that Alexa can do - from checking on the traffic to controlling smart home automation systems - ask us how it can help you in your home! Sonos One

Get Sonos One for less at Living Sound + Vision Brisbane

We’re Brisbane’s Platinum Sonos dealer and we can help with everything Sonos – from multi-room music to home automation integration. Come in to our store to see and hear Sonos + Alexa for yourself!