Sonus Faber & McIntosh Specials

mcintosh sonus faber on sale We're making changes in our listening rooms and so it is time to part with two of our most loved Sonus Faber loudspeakers and a sweet set of McIntosh pre- and power amps that would be a perfect match with the Sonus Fabers. These iconic brands are rarely discounted, but in this case we are offering deep discounts as we need to move them on quickly to make room for our listening room changes. Prices are too hot to print! Call us or visit the showroom for details and to audition these amazing speakers.  

Sonus Faber Il Cremonese in Walnut finish

Sonus faber il cremonese Il Cremonese is a tribute to the great violin maker Stradivari’s most famous violins, Il Cremonese, which celebrated its 300th anniversary in 2015. It’s a no-compromise high end loudspeaker, epitomising Sonus Faber’s philosophy of beautiful craftsmanship and leading edge technology marrying in a perfect whole. Some key technical innovations include:
  • Stealth Reflex System – allowing for a reduction in the dimensions of the internal acoustic volume while providing distortion control, it uses two orthogonal ports: one on the back for the midwoofer, and the other on the base, facing the floor, for the woofers and infrawoofers
  • Zero Vibration Transmission system – used for decoupling the speaker’s cabinet from the floor and the rest of the listening environment
  • Upper and lower “Dampshelves” – two massive slabs of black brushed Avional, operating as mechanical energy dampers generated by Il Cremonese’s powerful drivers
  • “Staggered Low Frequencies Emission Technology” system which optimises the performance of the integrated infrawoofers
This masterpiece has everything one could wish for in a tower loudspeaker. It offers music that blends beauty with inner power; rhythmic speed with superb imaging; purity of timbre with harmonic richness. It is the consummate all-rounder. - Hi-Fi News Always truthful, always musically satisfying and built to exceptional standards of craftsmanship, the Sonus faber Il Cremonese is a remarkable loudspeaker.  - Audio Video
Normal RRP: $69,995. Sale price too hot to print! Call us or visit our showroom for details. More info on Il Cremonese > You might also like this runout special on Sonus Faber Venere >  

Sonus Faber Serafino in Red Violin finish [UPDATE: now sold!)

sonus faber serafino tradition The Serafino Tradition is a 3.5 way floorstander, standing 1100mm high and weighing a hefty 52kg apiece. They feature 2 x 180mm woofer units in conjunction with a 150mm driver as a midwoofer and 28mm silk dome tweeter. With a frequency response of 30-35,000Hz and power handling up to 350w they will fill a room with sublimely rich sound.
In the Serafino Tradition, the traditional Sonus faber design magnificence is maintained, yet evolved, to previously unattained levels of both engineering and finish. Fabulous! - Audio Esoterica
Normal RRP: $31,995. More info on Serafino >  

McIntosh C52 Pre-Amplifier

McIntosh C52 The C52 is the most advanced single chassis solid state pre-amplifier McIntosh have made. This feature packed stereo preamp lets you connect virtually any of your analogue components and digital music sources – including those that play the latest high resolution formats such as DSD files – to one easy-to-use device to enjoy them all.
"I can’t think of another component that manages to do so much so superlatively well, with no compromises in any ways that matter to me as an audio critic and music lover." - The Absolute Sound
Normal RRP: $13,995. Sale price too hot to print! Call us or visit our showroom for details. More info on C52 >  

McIntosh MC-601 Monoblock Power Amplifiers

McIntosh MC601 A no-nonsense monoblock amp with 600W of power, the MC601 is an iron fist in a velvet glove. The MC601 employs a Quad Balanced design from input to output; this design cancels virtually all noise and distortion that may have snuck into the audio signal. As a result, the signal is still as clean as when it entered the amplifier – even when amplified to high levels. We have two of these available. More info on MC-601 >