The Good Groove

The Good GrooveOur customers are such huge turntable fans that we thought we'd put together this monthly missive with interesting vinyl news, tips, products and more - welcome to The Good Groove!

Record Store Day Wrap-Up

We had a massive response to our Record Store Day sale, with hundreds of people through the doors browsing audiophile vinyl, test-driving turntables and picking up vinyl accessories for a song. If you missed it, we'll extend the discount on our vinyl accessories for the rest of this month - 20% off cleaners, storage and more.

Classic Album Sundays

There's nothing we like better on a lazy Sunday than spinning some classic tunes, so discovering the Classic Album Sundays site was a very nice surprise. These guys love vinyl and the stories behind some of the most loved classics of all time, such as:
  • Neil Young - Harvest
  • Lou Reed - Transformer
  • The Beatles - Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
  • The Pixies - Doolittle
  • Massive Attack - Blue Lines
  • ...and tons more
The site features YouTube playlists of the tracks that inspired the albums, and there are in-depth articles, documentaries, interviews and more. Check it out here >> Here's just one of the YouTube Playlists for The Pixies' mighty album Doolittle (who is seeing them live later this month? I will be!!)

Van Den Hul Cartridges

cartridge We're in love with these little chunks of audio magic. Hand made by Dutch master craftsman J. van den Hul, they are simply sublime. We have increased our range in the store and serious vinyl lovers may want to come in for an audition. We currently have the following models in stock:
  • MC10 ($1,499)  - A custom hand built moving coil cartridge with VDH-type 1 tip, boron cantilever, matched crystal silver-wire coils and 0.65 mV/channel.
  • Frog ($2,699) - Custom handbuilt moving coil cartridges with the coil of a Grasshopper III and the frontpole and suspension of the Grasshopper IV: the best cartridge available for its price.
  • Crimson ($4,999) - A custom hand built moving coil cartridge with 0.65mV output, gold coils, a Samarium-Cobalt magnet, extended channel separation and superb tracking abillity

Orange Crush

Rega RP6 orange While touring the Rega factory a little while back, Damian spotted an RP6 plinth in Orange on the shelf, waiting to be assembled. On enquiry he was told it was the last one made, so he snapped it up! This turntable is a stunner, so for those liking a bold colour palette it will look as awesome as it sounds. The RP6 is available for $1,999, ex cartridge. While on the subject of Rega, the company has (finally) built a new website with the full range on it, as well as lots of recent product reviews. You can check it out here:

Turntable Repairs

If your record player is in need of a little TLC (or intensive care!), our in-house repairs department can help. Bring your turntable in and we’ll take good care of it. We’re Authorised Service Agents for Rega and can also service any other brand.   That's it for the Good Groove this month - groove on and we hope to see you in the shop soon!