The Good Groove - June 2014

The Good GrooveWelcome to the June edition of The Good Groove! In this edition we take a look at: 1) How to clean vinyl records 2) The stunning new Rega RP10 turntable 3) New audiophile vinyl in store  

How to clean vinyl records

Most people use record brushes or cloths to clean their LPs, either with or without cleaning fluid. This is fine for removing surface dust, but lurking within the grooves is all sorts of muck from dirt and dust to mould, skin oils and more. This gunk collects on your stylus and plays havoc with your sound. How to clean vinyl records There are many products out there that remove all this - but to make it easy for you we've hand-picked three of the best that we use and recommend in store and written up a guide with some videos of them in action. Each is a different approach - there's a manual 'wet bath' system, an automated record cleaning machine and a 'wipe on, peel off' system. Check out our guide on how to clean vinyl records >>

The Rega RP10

RP10 skeletal plinth Rega's new RP10 turntable is something else. It looks stunning with its 'skeletal plinth' high rigidity / low-mass design but the sonic performance it delivers at the price is nothing short of astounding. We've sold quite a few since it was launched in March this year, and each time we go through a detailed process of setting up the turntable so it's perfectly weighted and balanced to perform at its absolute best. We use Rega manufactured tools including a special torque wrench and magnetic weighting device. All of this is done at no additional cost. Below are some images of this process:   photo 2 photo 4 photo 5 photo 6

New audiophile vinyl in store

We have added to our small selection of albums from Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab - or MOFI for short. Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab are recognised as one of the foremost innovators in mastering audiophile-grade LPs. The new additions include the 20th anniversary special release of Nirvana's 'Nevermind', Billy Joel 'Piano Man' and The Cars 'The Cars'. Pop in to check out our audiophile vinyl range or give us a call on (07) 3552 7000 to find out what we have in stock. nevermind     piano-man     the-cars