Bargain Yamaha AM/FM Tuner

Yamaha TX-492 TunerUPDATE: This special is no longer available. For similar specials we may have in store, please contact us on (07) 3552 7000. You can also subscribe to our monthly Newsletter (see panel at right) or follow us on Facebook to make sure you're first to hear about any new specials.   We have one brand new (but now discontinued) Yamaha TX-492 AM/FM Tuner at just $299 - normal retail is $499. Features: DIRECT PLL TUNING Direct PLL -- Phase Locked Loop -- tuning LSI circuitry combined with a microprocessor controlled IF count synthesizer tuning system precisely locks onto the broadcast frequency for super-accurate tuning. ALPHA CIRCUITRY This Absolute Linear Phase IF Amplifier is a Yamaha-developed circuit that provides excellent selectivity, interference rejection, phase linearity, and improved channel separation, while maintaining extremely low harmonic distortion. By using ALPHA circuitry, the TX-492 provides better selectivity than other models in this price range. AUTO STATION MEMORY The tuner will automatically store in memory presets the 40 radio stations with strongest frequencies. 40-STATION RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY PRESET TUNING Preset Editing allows you to change the presets as you wish an organize them in five groups of eight stations. These groupings make it easy for family members to easily access their favorite stations or to have musical genres, such as all the jazz stations, grouped together. 3-WAY MULTI-STATUS MEMORY The tuner automatically "memorizes" your settings for AM or FM band, stereo or mono mode, as well as the station's frequency. 12-SEGMENT SIGNAL QUALITY METER Yamaha's unique signal quality meter provides visual indication of multipath as well as signal strength. 2-WAY MODE SELECTOR Permits automatic reception of all stereo signals, or, if the signal is too weak, manual selection of mono for better signal quality.