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M&K Sound is one of the world's leading studio reference speaker and subwoofer brands. Found in some of the world's biggest film and music production studios, they have been the speaker chosen for the production of countless movies and albums over the last 40 years. Building on their success in professional audio, M&K now make some of the finest home audio speakers money can buy. Determined to never add to, or subtract from the sound, M&K Sound aim to create the most revealing and accurate speakers on the market.

Brisbane's Authorised M&K Sound Dealer

We're proud to have been appointed an M&K Sound dealer, and we're excited to be able to demo this stunning speakers in our Brisbane showroom. At present we have the M7 in stock but we're working on a theatre room featuring the S300 series (see below) . You can find out more about M&K Sound at their official website here >>

M&K Speakers

M&K Sound make several speaker ranges to suit varying music and home theatre requirements. From the THX Ultra2 certified S300 series to the very affordable M-series, studio reference quality sound is now available at home. Here are three of the best from the M&K range:

S300 Series

M&K Sound S300 Speakers The S300 series was developed in collaboration with leading film and music studios with the goal of recreating studio quality sound at home. It's the first M&K Sound product to carry their new reference 'Miller & Kreisel' logo. Prices start at $4,999 for the S300 LCR and go to just under $37,000 for a 7.2 speaker package. Download the S300 Series Brochure Read the S300 Series Whitepaper

S150 Series

M&K 150 Series The S150 series is perhaps the most famous in the MK range. It's in use in hundreds of professional studios worldwide as well as some of the finest home theatre rooms. Prices start at $1,995 for the in-wall models, $2,499 for the S150 Mk II LCR speaker and a 5.1 package is $14,295. Download the 150 Series Brochure

M Series

M&K M Series Speakers The M Series is the most affordable in the MK Sound range, and is even more impressive for the level of quality they are able to deliver for the price. Prices start at just $549 for the compact centre speaker, $699 for the M7 LCRs and 5.1 packages are available from $4,795. Download the M Series Brochure

M&K Subwoofers

M&K Subwoofers M&K invented the subwoofer back in 1973 and went on to make the world's first active subwoofer as well. Today they are still rated as one of the leaders in the reproduction of truly accurate bass. M&K's X-Series subwoofers are at the pinnacle of subwoofer technology. Following M&K's ethos that the laws of physics state "Big bass requires a big box", they deliver on both, with dual drivers operating in push-pull configuration in a sealed enclosure. This provides a flat response to well below 20Hz with transient speed, precision and weight that other subwoofers simply cannot match. The SB Series provides a cost effective alternative for those needing deep, accurate bass on a budget, starting at just $1,199.

Who uses MK Sound?

Click here to see a list of some of the Hollywood studios using MK Sound and the films that have been produced with them. Click here to read about Chris Lord-Alge - one of LA's leading music mixers who has mixed the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Aerosmith, Keith Urban and many more in his MK Sound equipped studio.  

Audition M&K Sound today

Please call us on (07) 3552 7000 to arrange an audition at our showroom is in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.