Fibbr Ultra 8K Fiber Optic HDMI Cable

  • Fibbr Ultra 8K Fiber Optic HDMI Cable

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8K is looking to be the future of Television and home theatre. With more and more 8K options becoming available you need a HDMI that can be ready for the future. The Ultra 8K HDMI features multiple lengths and a forward-looking design. FIBBR make full use of Optical Fibre technology compared to traditional HDMI’s which use copper. The traditional cable may not be able to handle the speed of 4K transmission, let alone 8K, and can result in frame loss, colour distortion and frequent video smearing. With a transmission distance of simply 10m bandwidth is narrowed. This is not the case with fibre optic. With fibre the theoretical transmission distance can be up to 300m! With optical fibre a micro laser device is used to transmit high speed information using optical signals instead of much slower electric copper signals. This makes optical cables that are highly effective, low in power consumption, radiation free and environmentally friendly. FIBBR has world class technology strength, manufacturing techniques, and production capacity, and all FIBBR products are produced with micron-sized crafts in 10W grade dust-free workshops.

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