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VDH Main Stream BS Hybrid Powercord Cable

  • VDH Main Stream BS Hybrid Powercord Cable

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Our 12.5 mm. special quality heavy power cable The MAINSSTREAM BSHYBRID is the smaller diameter version of our 15 mm. The MAINSSTREAM HYBRID.

Despite its smaller diameter, The MAINSSTREAM BS HYBRID features all essential qualities as found in its bigger sister;
All conductors are of the same heavy gauge as in The MAINSSTREAM HYBRID. The MAINSSTREAM BS HYBRID is likewise equipped with a heavy braided screen. Omission of the extra mechanically protective sub-jacket beneath the screen makes this cable thinner.

The MAINSSTREAM BS HYBRID has been specially designed bearing uncompromised mains power distribution to high-end audio, video and professional equipment in mind and is able to deliver a virtually unlimited stream of low noise mains power.


  • A unique embedded powerline noise suppression filter.
  • A very high continuous current capacity and a maximum transparency with regards to instantaneously drawn current surges.
  • Strong shielding against in and outwards radiation of electromagnetic and radio frequency interference.
  • Heavy conductors and shield of the high quality also found in our loudspeaker cables.
  • Extreme ruggedness and therefore a very long lifespan.

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