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VDH The Surf Entry Level Fusion Series Coaxial Interconnect

  • VDH The Surf Entry Level Fusion Series Coaxial Interconnect

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With its design based on the discontinued The COMBINATION HYBRID, The SURF HYBRID has the same advanced technology into use as applied in its already famed FUSION SERIES brothers The WATERFALL HYBRID and The INTEGRATION Hybrid, though with a lower price tag.

In The SURF HYBRID, the finest of Van den Hul's cable technologies are combined:

  • A stranded centre conductor of our further developed highly advanced amorphous FUSION conductor material guarantees first rate musical transparency, imaging and resolution, free from grain or harshness.
  • High quality low-loss dielectrics ensure low cable capacitance and excellent musical dynamics and timing without distortion.
  • Multiple high quality shielding:In a world that is increasingly polluted by electrical noise and interference of all kinds it is important to keep the audio signals transferred through your cables clean. The SURF HYBRID contains not less than four dense shielding layers which vouch for a very high shielding factor and a low shield impedance, thus keeping the audio signal perfectly free from external noise and interference.

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