A Collection of Hi Fi Humour

Yes it's true. Some of us are so into our audio that others around us have a laugh at our expense. So the best thing to do is laugh along with them. See if you can identify yourself in any of these classic hi-fi cartoons below!   33ad5cf0c4534f01041503ec2289beb7   1135966321 600x603px-LL-95032129_Rodrigues-walk-out ef62fee7_Rodrigues-speakersalesman Newest_audio_system image3 batman-vinyl   422   55f5c722f58a4fdb0e608248535111db 434 530948b807d4f03aded319651e111d9c image uf011618<1> uf011619<1> uf011621<1>   iPod-pffft image2 audiophiles