Apple Music Now On Sonos

Sonos Apple Music Apple's subscription music service has arrived on Sonos at last. Now Sonos users have yet another string to their bow - and Apple Music brings with it some nice tricks. The two are a perfect match - Sonos is the most flexible multi-room wireless audio system, and it now gets on down with the seamless, slick interface and massive music selection of Apple Music.

A little about Apple Music

Apple's approach to streaming music differs a little from the rest of the streaming mob by focusing more on curated stations, bringing in some big names to put together playlists that will hopefully float your boat. Their Beats 1 station broadcasts from London, LA and New York and is Apple's attempt to nail a 'global' broadcast format. Apple Music is $11.99 / month or $17.99 / month for a family membership, but they are offering a 3 month free trial that gives you a solid taster first. Apple Music on Sonos

Why Sonos?

Because they just do wireless music so well. Simple, intuitive, and awesome sounding. Apple do simple and intuitive too, but it takes Sonos to pump up the volume. Best of all, the Sonos App is the best way to manage your music, giving you total control over pretty much all the music on earth as it brings together every streaming service you can imagine. With Apple Music, it's now complete. Take a look at our Sonos page to see some of the range, or pop into our Brisbane showroom to try out every model for yourself on our funky Sonos wall: Sonos wall To learn more about Sonos + Apple Music, click here >>