Is Apple about to buy Loewe?

Apple to buy Loewe? A rumour that's been circulating this week is that Apple are in negotiations to buy Loewe, the revered German television maker (of which we're a leading dealer of course!). This would finally answer the question of whether Apple plan to release a television of their own. It is all just a rumour right now, but it would seem that there's a lot of truth to it, and we could expect an announcement from Loewe as early as Friday, May 18. The original report comes from Apple Insider, which claims that Loewe has been advised by its financial adviser to accept the US $112 million offer. So what does this mean for Loewe as we know it? Will the company continue as Loewe or become 100% Apple? It's too early to say, although Loewe as a brand has been around since 1929 and has an enviable reputation as an innovator and design leader - so it may well be the case that a serious injection of funds could elevate them beyond the domain of the afficionados and into the lounge rooms of a much broader global market. Stay tuned...!
Loewe's Invisio transparent television concept