Artnovion Acoustic Panels & Treatments

Artnovion make the world's most stylish acoustic panels and wall treatments. Their design ethos is one of 'make the room sound, and look, amazing'.

Their products are designed and made in Portugal, home of founder Jorge Castro, and they have been available in Australia since 2016.

acoustic panels by artnovion

The Artnovion range includes acoustic panels for Absorption, Diffusion, Insulation and Bass Traps, as well as mobile kits that can be placed anywhere.

We have some great packages available - see the link at the bottom of this page.

Why are acoustic treatments important?

We spend so much time and money on the equipment, but often don't give the room itself any consideration. 

Our perception of sound is a result of the interaction of multiple sound waves that reflect over the environment, and interaction between sound waves themselves.

When we hear a sound in a room, the first wave that reaches you is called the direct wave. As the name indicates, this wave has not interacted with the room, as it is directly from the emission source such as a loudspeaker. Next, you will hear the first reflections, that normally only reflect once. This is a first order reflection. Then, we perceive other sounds that are the result of numerous reflections from multiple surfaces. These reflection can be 2nd, 3rd or 4th orders, depending on the damping materials of the room such as curtains, rugs etc.

Reflected waves travel a longer path, taking longer to reach the listener. This can create an echo effect, in which we perceive two distinct sounds, caused by a time difference of over 80ms. This is what we want to resolve.

Artnovion offers many ways of improving acoustics. Absorption, where it removes energy from the room, reducing or eliminating reflections, or through diffusion, where incoming waves are scattered, distributing their energy over a larger area. Bass traps even out low frequencies by eliminating resonance.

artnovision acoustics wall panels

Artnovion Acoustic Treatment Packages

At Living Sound + Vision we have a range of acoustic treatment packages from Artnovion that suit many common applications. We can also install Artnovion across Brisbane and beyond.

Click below to view the packages and for more information please visit our Brisbane showroom or call us on (07) 3552 7000.

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