The best websites for vinyl lovers

Best websites for vinyl lovers We've put together this list of the 7 best websites for vinyl lovers from Australia and around the world,  to help you find the music you love on vinyl, choose the best gear and stay in the loop on all things LP!

1) Musicstack

Musicstack Musicstack is like a cross between eBay and Amazon for new and used LP records. There are over 25 million items for sale from thousands of retailers world-wide, and its excellent search facilities make it easy to find whatever you're looking for.

2) Australian Record Fair

Australian Record Fair Australian Record Fair lists all the record fairs around the country sorted by date and location - there's nothing like spending a lazy morning flipping through vinyl looking for lost classics, and this site will help you find all the good sales.

3) Vinyl Destination

Vinyl Destination Vinyl Destination claim to be Australia's biggest vinyl importer, with over 60,000 titles available for sale online. They specialise in new vinyl, and have a steady stream of new releases in addition to the huge back catalogue.

4) Vinyl Collective

Vinyl Collective Vinyl Collective is a community site featuring vinyl-related news, articles and reviews, and it has a thriving forum where everything from the latest releases to vintage turntables are discussed and dissected.

5) StereoNET

StereoNET StereoNET is an Australian site that's been around since 2000 and has developed into a great resource for lovers of vinyl and 2-channel audio. It has news, reviews and a very busy forum including a dedicated vinyl forum.

6) Vinyl Engine

Vinyl Engine This is a site for turntable geeks, with a massive library of turntable manuals, articles, reviews and a forum that's sortable by turntable brand.

7) Analog Planet

Analog Planet Analog Planet is chock-full of reviews, news and tips relating to turntables and related gear, mostly written by Stereophile's Michael Fremer.

8) This page...

Brisbane's best record shops We thought we'd better mention this page too - Brisbane has a thriving vinyl scene and in this article we talk a look through our city's best record shops.