Cocktail Audio X10 now in Australia

Cocktail Audio X10 now in Australia Cocktail Audio is a new name down under, and their X10 micro system (RRP $699)  is already getting people talking. It's a unique product, combining traditional audio functions with a host of techy tricks. Within its diminutive case it features:
  • Streaming audio from your smartphone, tablet or computer (with optional wi-fi dongle)
  • Internet radio
  • CD player and 500GB hard drive so you can rip your whole CD collection for easy playback
  • Support for most file formats - WAV, FLAC, MP3, WMA, AAC, M4A, PCM, OGG, M3U, PLS, AIFF, AIF and ALAC
  • Automated CD data display via the FreeDB database
  • Line-in recording to hard drive - connect your turntable via a phono pre-amp
  • Can be used as a music source with your existing Sonos system
  • 30w x 2 amplifier to connect to your own speakers
Cocktail Audio X10 There are a lot of 'do-it-all' boxes out there now, but we like the X10 as it's compact, affordable, does it all! About the only thing it doesn't do is AirPlay, but instead it can be controlled and music streamed to it by iPhone / iPad and Android using a free app and an optional wi-fi dongle. If you're looking for a simple yet powerful way of managing and enjoying all your music, give the X10 a listen. It's in-store now priced at $699, and if you need to match it with some quality bookshelf speakers we've got some great recommendations for you. Cocktail Audio X10 rear view

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