Denon DBP-2012UD Blu-ray Review

Denon DBP-2012UDIf you're in the market for a seriously good Blu-ray player, it will be very hard to go past this Denon! Not only does it deliver the best quality video of virtually any player we've seen, but the audio quality from Blu-ray, CD, SACD or networked sources is stunning as well. What Hi Fi Magazine have just awarded it 5 Stars in their latest issue, saying:
“DENON delivers a Blu-ray stunner to take on all comers”
Other quotes from What Hi-Fi include:
“The Denon is similarly stunning whether you’re luxuriating in the depth and clarity of its 3D images or thrilling to its rock solid grasp of rapid motion” "It’s a muscular listen too, with exceptional scale and weight during the biggest action sequences” “This is a Blu-ray deck you have to audition - as odd as it sounds given its price it’s something of a bargain”
This unit retails for £750 in the UK, so at just $899 here it really is a true bargain! Come in for a listen, or read the full review in What Hi Fi: Denon_DBP2012UD_Review.