Dynaudio Evoke 30 On Sale - Ex Display

Save 25% on this ex-display pair of Dynaudio Evoke 30. These speakers have very slight fading of the finish on the front hence the deep discount.

Normally $6,799, ex-display price just $5,099.

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These two-and-a-half-way speakers strike the balance between compactness and restraint, and unabashed, wide-eyed enthusiasm for music.

Featuring the all-new Cerotar 28mm precision-coated soft-dome tweeter with a newly-designed strontium carbonate Ferrite+ ceramic magnet system and the Confidence’s headline-grabbing Hexis inner dome. This ingenious little dimpled device sits right behind the soft tweeter diaphragm and reduces unwanted resonances while smoothing out the overall frequency response. The result is sweeter treble, better detail and even more clarity.

Evoke 30’s twin 14cm Esotec+ mid/bass drivers are made from MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer). It provides exactly the right combination of lightness, stiffness and damping to balance the needs of powerful yet precise bass performance with clear, detailed midrange.

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Timeless Danish design

Evoke has been created for real life. The designers’ priority was to make the whole family look great in any listening environment. They took models and prototypes home and sat with them, went and scoured interior-design stores and specialist furniture retailers and even sniffed around real houses to gain inspiration.

dynaudio evoke 30 deal

Call us on 07 3552 7000 or visit our store.