Brisbane's Best Home Cinema Demo Room

Two companies have been redefining awesome in commercial cinemas over the last year or so with their world-class technology in loudspeakers (Aussie legends Krix) and processing (Trinnov Audio, from France).

That same technology is available at home too, and we are proud to be first in Australia to build a cinema room featuring the stunning Krix MX-40 speaker system in a full 11.4.8 Dolby Atmos & DTS:X Pro setup with the absolute benchmark in processing by Trinnov Audio.

home cinema demo room

About the system

Home cinema has changed. ‘Traditional’ 5.1 channel setups can be impressive, but for the serious home cinema fan, high channel count systems delivering incredibly detailed spatial resolution are the new benchmark.

Our new cinema room is a 11.4.8 system – 11 ear-level speakers, 4 subwoofers and 8 overhead speakers, all by Krix. Performing the processing magic is the Trinnov Altitude 32, acknowledged by the industry as the benchmark in this realm. Every speaker is fed a discrete signal, measured and adjusted for phase, frequency and impulse response to match room acoustics to deliver the listener a pristine audio experience.

krix mx-40 speaker demo room

Dolby Atmos and the new DTS:X Pro immersive audio technologies are both supported.

Vision is via Sony’s stunning VPL-VW870ES projector that uses a laser light source to power its native 4k ultra HD output. It’s paired with a Panamorph Paladin DCR anamorphic lens for showing big screen movies at full resolution on the 155″, 2.40:1 Screen Technics screen.

Complete product list

Processing & Power

  • Processor Pre Amp:  Trinnov Altitude 32/24
  • Anthem PVA5 & PVA8 for surround & height management
  • Anthem P2 & P5 for the LCRs, 1 channel for the mid/highs & 1 channel for the 15” woofers
  • Yamaha PX5 for the 2 rear 15” subs 800 watts a side
  • Yamaha PX8 for the 2 front 18” subs 1000 watts a side


  • Krix MX40 – behind screen
  • Krix MX20 subs for the rear
  • 6x Krix Phonix in wall sides & rears
  • 6x Krix Phonix MkII 45’s front wides and heights
  • 3x Krix Phonix on wall for heights


  • Sony VPLVW870ES native 4k, laser-based projector
  • Panamorph Paladin DCR anamorphic lens to match the massive Sony Planetarium lens
  • 155” 2.40:1 acoustically transparent screen by Screen Technics



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