Kaleidescape Cinema One

Kaleidescape is an acclaimed A/V server manufacturer that up until now have been mostly confined to top-end home automation fit-outs due to their top-end pricing. Now, the new Cinema One system is available down under, and priced at $5,999 it's a much more affordable proposition for the serious movie lover. Kaleidescape Cinema One

The Ultimate Movie Player

Kaleidescape's Cinema One is billed as the world's fastest Blu-ray player, with a typical movie playing within 3 seconds, without trailers, ads or menus. The unit has an internal 4 terabyte hard drive and stores a library of movie metadata, allowing it to instantly recognise a disc and play the relevant files without the boring bits. Video and audio quality is perfect, as the system stores the exact disc image with no compression whatsoever. The huge 4TB hard drive allows for storage of 600 DVDs or 100 Blu-ray movies (or 6000 CDs). Each disc is stored as a complete disc image, including all extras, so playback is identical to the movie on the disc. In the case of Blu-rays, the movie requires the actual disc to be in the unit to play back, due to the format's copyright protection system, but given the 3 second load time, most users find that simply popping the disc in is easy enough. Two other options here are the Kaleidescape Disc Vault and the Kaleidescape Movie Store (see below for more info on these).

The Kaleidescape Experience

Kaleidescape interface The Cinema One system has a beautiful, intuitive interface, allowing you to browse your collection visually or by genre, director or actor. A free iPad app is available for control and provides additional movie info like reviews and plot summaries. The well laid-out remote control is supplemented by a clever kids' remote that provides the basic controls, and when used, automatically locks away any adult content on the system - very clever! The visual display of cover art also makes it easy for kids to navigate and find their favourite movies. Cinema One kids remote

Kaleidescape Disc Vault

The DV700 Disc Vault is an add-on to the Kaleidescape system that allows your Blu-ray and DVD collection to be organised and played back virtually instantly. Up to 320 discs can be inserted at one time then copied to the system's hard drive automatically. It's a great way to get around the Blu-ray restriction that requires the disc to be physically in the player for it to be played back. The Disc Vault retails for $6,999. Kaleidescape DV700 disc vault

The Kaleidescape Movie Store

In the USA and UK, Kaleidescape users have access to the Movie Store, with movies available for download at quality identical to the original Blu-ray or DVDs, with all the extras included. Downloaded movies are stored on the system's hard drive and are available for instant playback whenever you want. Right now this service is not available in Australia but the distributor is working on it and we hope to see that change in the near future. For customers wanting to find out more about the Movie Store and regional restrictions, please call us on (07) 3552 7000. We'll have the Kaleidescape Cinema One system on display in our Brisbane store from the beginning of October 2013 for you to explore - come on in and see how it can transform your movie and music enjoyment, or call us on (07) 3552 7000 to find out more about it, including the latest news on local availability for the Movie Store. Want more info? Visit the Kaleidescape website >>

Cinema One Specifications


  • Downloads from the Kaleidescape Store, precisely matching the quality of Blu-ray disc and DVD
  • Blu-ray Disc, BD-R, BD-RE
  • CD Audio, CD-R, CD-RW

Blu-ray Disc

  • BD-Live
  • Profile 2.0

Regional Playback Control

The DVD region code of the Cinema One can be changed up to four times. The Blu-ray Disc region code of the Cinema One is set at time of purchase and cannot be changed by the customer. Any Cinema One can import any Blu-ray Disc. An imported Blu-ray movie will play if a component of the system matches the region code specified by the disc.


  • 100Base-TX/1000Base-T Ethernet (RJ45 connector)
  • 802.11n Wi-Fi USB adapter included

Video Output

  • HDMI

Audio Outputs

  • HDMI
  • Digital coaxial (RCA connector)
  • Analog stereo (RCA connectors)

Video Modes

  • 1080p60/50/24, 1080i60/50, 720p60/50, 576p, 576i, 480p, 480i
  • Video processing and user interface selectable to 2.35 (CinemaScape) or 1.78:1

Audio Formats

  • Bitstream pass-through of Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio
  • Dolby Digital
  • DTS Digital Surround
  • MPEG Audio


  • Ethernet control from Crestron, AMX, Control4, Savant, the Kaleidescape App for iPad, and other apps and control systems
  • Kaleidescape Remote included
  • Front-panel IR receiver window
  • IR input (1/8 in. mini-plug)


  • 3 years