Knosti Disco Antistat Record Cleaning Kit

Knosti Disco Antistat record cleaning kit Knosti has been making the Disco Antistat record cleaner for over 35 years and has fans the world over. With a simple manual operation but clever design and quality materials (such as goat hair bristles) it's far more affordable than many powered solutions and more effective than most.
“Sonically, it had to be said, the Disco-Antistat did a better job than the Spin-Clean” – Paul Rigby, Hi-Fi World

Why is Knosti’s Disco-Antistat better than its competitor?

Four reasons why Knosti’s Disco-Antistat is the better ‘bath-type’ manual record cleaner
  1. Knosti uses real goat hair brushes. Bristles penetrate grooves deeper than a felt pad, therefore giving a better clean
  2. Knosti’s label clamp protects the record label from fluid during cleaning
  3. No need to manually dry records after cleaning
  4. No rollers or brushes to replace
This German-made machine is a dream come true for vinylphiles around the world and bridges the gap between the 'cloth and fluid' group of cleaners and the expensive machines. The Antistat mixture is a special self-acting liquid that removes dust, dirt and dried liquids groove-deep and without residue. The Knosti Disco-Antistat has an RRP of $169.