'Real Cinema' at home turns 7!

This month Krix are celebrating the Series MX range turning 7!

The unique modular design of the Series MX range, which includes the Krix Infinite Baffle System, was introduced on 15 November 2015 to the home entertainment world with a grand unveiling of the MX-30 in Perth, Western Australia.

Two systems were available on launch, the MX-20 and MX-30, both taking advantage of Krix’s heritage and innovation in commercial cinema speaker design.

With a focus on delivering cinema-level performance from residentially acceptable, shallow cabinets, the in-house patented horn and waveguide designs delivered a focused, dynamic sound that many enthusiasts were craving in their own home.

krix mx30 tech drawing

Krix MX-30 Technical drawing – October 2015

The distinctive modular design of the Series MX provides a solid wall that is continuous with the speaker baffles, replicating the same concept you see in a commercial cinema. This stops sound from radiating around the speaker and into the space behind the screen, which cause reflections that then combine with the direct sound from the speaker.

The result of implementing this baffle… a smooth, clear and full-bodied sound that feels just like sitting in a cinema.

krix mx40 demo room

Krix MX-40 in our demo theatre

Over the last seven years, the Series MX range has grown from two systems to five, with the addition of the MX-5, MX-10 and MX-40 (and we have both the MX-10 and MX-40 on display in our showroom). With such a versatile range, there is a system for every room, screen size and budget.

Along with the additional models, enhancements have been made over the years to existing models, such as new driver upgrades, aesthetics and performance changes to the acoustic baffle material, installation improvements and the availability of additional absorption spacer modules.

7 years on, the Series MX range continues to achieve what it set out to do – captivate its owners and bring big cinema sound to residential home theatres around the world. Happy Birthday!