New brands in store - Luxman & Ruark Audio

If you've been into our store recently you might have noticed two new brands - Luxman and Ruark Audio. Well they're not exactly new, Luxman have been around for over 90 years and Ruark for over 30. Both have iconic status - Luxman as one of the oldest Japanese audio manufacturers and a brand beloved by many; and Ruark as a British speaker manufacturer turned audio systems maker, combining high-tech with old-world craftsmanship.


Luxman L-305 amplifier L-305 Integrated Amplifier
  Established in 1925, Luxman have been making high quality audio equipment for over 90 years. Today their range echoes the past in their often retro designs, but the technology and commitment to ultimate fidelity has remained at the leading edge. Find out more about Luxman >

Ruark Audio

ruark audio in brisbane Ruark started as a loudspeaker manufacturer in 1985 and quickly built up a following among audiophiles. In the mid-2000's they embraced the digital era with a range of desktop radios and music systems and now specialise in beautifully-designed audio systems that combine the latest technology with traditional hand-finished craftsmanship. Find out more about Ruark Audio >