NAD Digital Amplifiers

NAD Digital Amplifier The innovative D3020 & D7050 amplifiers and D1050 USB DAC from NAD are designed for today's digital sources such as smartphones, tablets and computers. Their compact cabinets are perfect for desktop, bookshelf or tabletop positioning, and each model features premium NAD technologies. The award-winning D3020 amplifier features high-performance hybrid Class D technology that provides high current and dynamic power at vanishingly low distortion levels.
  • NAD's Bass EQ circuit helps small speakers sound big without over-driving
  • A precision soft-clipping circuit lets the D3020 sound far more powerful than it really is
  • Multiple digital & analogue inputs, including an asynchronous USB input
  • Bluetooth aptX capability
  • Subwoofer output and 12v trigger

Trickle-Down Technology

The NAD philosophy of Simplicity, Performance & Value is applied to the D3020 & D1050:
  • Both the digital and the analogue circuits are highly optimized and based on techniques developed by NAD over 40 years
  • Ultra short, impedance-controlled signal paths contribute to the remarkable performance of the D3020 & D1050
  • Premium high quality parts, no shortcuts
  • PowerDrive technology on the D3020
NAD's premium Direct Digital Feedback Technology, originally introduced in the NAD Master Series M2 and C390DD, has been applied to the D7050:
  • Direct Digital™ technology eliminates any noise and distortion producing analogue circuits
  • Direct Digital performs all preamplifier functions in the digital domain
  • World's first successful closed loop digital amplifier
  • High-speed digital circuits with very short signal paths

Find out more

Get the full details on each model with the datasheets below, visit NAD's Digital Music page  or come in to our Brisbane store for a demo!

Digital Amplifier Datasheets

D3020 datasheet D7050 datasheet D1050 datasheet