New NAD M2 / M50 / M51 / M52 Masters Series

In the 40-odd years since NAD first appeared on the hi-fi scene, they've made many a lifetime convert. Us included. Their no-nonsense approach to hi-fi has been appreciated when many around them have given in to frippery and flashing lights. Their Masters Series, introduced in 2007, was proof that NAD did digital as well as they did analogue. Now in 2012 a slew of new Masters Series products ups the ante, making them a must-audition product for the connected hi-fi lover.

NAD M51 Direct Digital DAC

NAD M51 DACNAD's Direct Digital approach is unique, operating at extremely high speed and with great precision. The M51 runs at 108MHz, converting the PCM signal to a PWM signal with a sampling rate of 844kHz. The 35-bit architecture ensures massive headroom and freedom from noise and distortion. This is 2012's most awarded DAC, picking up many prestigious awards including Best DAC from What Hi-Fi, CEDIA 2012 Winner, 5 stars from Hi-Fi World and many more. Find out more about the NAD M51 here >>

NAD M50 Digital Music Player

NAD M50The M50 is a future-ready digital music player, and the brain of the Masters series. It's a "software defined" product, meaning much of the functionality is defined by software not hardware. This means that new cloud services or audio codecs can be integrated at a future date by simply updating the software. This software upgrade potential means the M50 will maintain its cutting edge functionality for years to come. It plays music from CD as well as over the network, with wireless and ethernet capability and broad file support, from AAC, FLAC, MP3, Ogg, WMA and more. Find out more about the M50 here >>

NAD M52 Digital Music Vault

NAD M52 Digital Music VaultFinally, there is a safe and convenient way to store your music files. Anyone with a computer knows that hard disks can fail without warning, often destroying all the stored data. If you have spent many hours creating your music collection from CDs and downloads, the prospect of losing all that hard work and value, plus starting all over again is simply unthinkable. The M52 Digital Music Vault provides enterprise-level protection for your valuable music collection. Using a Redundant Array of Independent Discs (RAID 5) technology, the M52's three hard disk drives make it nearly impossible to lose your music. Front panel LED indicators display the status of the HDDs, and alert you if there is a HDD failure. Even if a drive fails, you won't lose data in this self-healing system. Simply replace the drive, and the system automatically reconfigures itself. Find out more about the M52 here >>

NAD M2 Direct Digital Amplifier

NAD M2 AmplifierNot a new release like the three models above, but still an absolute class leader. The M2 is the culmination of a 10 year research project and uses a patented new amplifier technology called Direct Digital Feedback which combines the low distortion and noise levels of linear Class A and Class AB amplifiers with the efficiency and streamlined signal path of digital amplifiers. With 250w x 2 continuous power output and vanishingly low noise and distortion, the M2 will drive virtually any speakers effortlessly. Find out more about the NAD M2 here >>

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